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Am i doomed to failure?


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
Hey fellow lipotrimmers/dieters,

i am so disappointed with myself, today was my 5th 100% succesful day on lipotrim and tmrw is my 2nd WI BUT

i just ate a few slices of pizza and fries with some pepsi :( :( :( :( :(
today was a odd day for me as i had to go do a couple of things which meant i had not alot of water and only two shakes

i am so pissed off and more upset than ever as i was also in ketosis (checked this morning) and i have now ruined it all i guess, i had dropped to about 93KG from 97KG during the two weeks

This is now the 5th time in the two weeks i have cheated, im so gutted

I want to continue with LP but don't know if i am just wasting my time and kidding myself????

Would really love and appreciate the thoughts of yourseleves on what i shld do next :(:(:(:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Needs to stop eating!!
Hey im on CD and have my 6th WI later today and I scale hop like crazy, and gota bit disheartened that my scales have stayed the same since last week so what did I do? Had 2slices of Pizza!!! I feel crap but I cant un eat the pizza only thing to do is remember how you are feeling now and try and hold on to that the next time you want to eat. remember though ketosis is not the be all and end all of a VLCD, if you go back to doing 100% even if you are not in ketosis you are still loosing weight. good luck.


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
i'm so annoyed and upset at myself though, this is really the first diet i have tried and was doing ok on it.......what do ppl think i should do...would appreciate your views
Hun, you are human and like all of us you make mistakes, it's what you learn from your mistakes that is important.

LT works best if you stick to it 100% but it needs a heck of a lot of determination and restraint in the first fortnight. It has taken me 2 months to get to day 3 and it hasn't been easy. You need to be in the right frame of mind to do this, I'm hoping I finally am.

If you are determined then start anew tomorrow and just live one day at a time. Learn from this blip, why did you eat? What was the catalyst? How can you avoid it happening again?

We can do this, if we want to.

Good luck babe, whatever your decision. Remember, there is always someone here to talk to or offer advice.



Silver Member
Try and put it behind you any start again, immediately tho and not 'tomorrow' as I would normally do with WW and the like!

Ketosis is important for this diet to work at its best as ketosis will curb true hunger. Unfortunately it doesnt curb 'mental hunger'. That is done by working on your personal 'triggers' for over-eating/unhealthy eating.

I see myself as a 'work in progress'. I still struggle with mental hunger and acknowledge that I rarely feel real hunger at ANY time. Before LT I ate 'cos I felt I should, but I now know I didnt NEED to. I probably should have worked more on my water intake. That said I had exams just before I started LT and during that time I drank diet coke, many of my colleagues were amazed as they had only ever seen me drink water. I now know that I drink 'out of sorts' when under stress or tired.

LT is teaching me about my eating/drinking habits.

From your posting it seems that you know what went wrong anyway. You had a manic day & missed a shake, which is a nightmare, I have done it myself. I try to keep at least 1.5litres of water near me at all times and if I know I might miss a shake I make one up and put it in my thermal coffee mug. I'd rather have a shake slightly early than not at all. That said I missed one today after getting a call about a new kitten. I had to rush out, at rush hour and then forgot about my shake whilst cuddling the kitten!

It seems you know what you need to do just dont worry too much and start again..

Good Luck


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Just quickly, put it behind you!!


I dwell on things then comfort eat out of frustration.............another thing I have learnt about myself!


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
I have actually gone from around 97.8KG to around 92KG, will the pizza, chips and coke have ruined all of that???

I am definately going to begin again tomorrow


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Only a weigh-in will tell if you have done any 'damage' but altogether you have a great weight loss so far. What you need to do now is to get ketosis back in full swing by sticking to it 100%..


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
I checked my Ketostix this AM and it shows light purple to dark purple. This means it is going to take me 5 days to get back into full ketosis again or will it pick up slightly quicker?

I checked my weight too and i am still around 92KG, will this increase in a few days or will be not too bad? Like becausei i only ate last night does it mean the food wont show on the scales for a few days?:confused:

Only a weigh-in will tell if you have done any 'damage' but altogether you have a great weight loss so far. What you need to do now is to get ketosis back in full swing by sticking to it 100%..
Hi Hon
Sounds like you are still in ketosis. You may not have done any damage at all. Try again - past is past. If you are finding it too difficult look at changing to a diet where you are allowed to eat as well.

You may not have done any damage at all sweetie

All the best
Rosie x


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
I hope not, i was gutted i ate last night.
Harsh post coming up.

You must must MUST stop cheating yourself - otherwise doing a total food replacement is a waste of time, effort and money. It's as simple as that.

Why did you eat? Why didn't you have an extra shake or a flapjack with you at all times, just in case? Why didn't you have a bottle of water with you at all times?

Seriously guys, this is TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT - you can't expect it to work if you don't give it 100%.

Now, if you are prepared to give it 100% effort and commitment the results are truly fabulous - but you need to get your brain into that gear and start preparing yourself. Every day make sure you've got an extra shake, every day make sure you've got plenty of water, every day remind yourself why you're doing this and what the results could be if you stick to it.

You're sabotaging what could have been a great loss and you were almost at a full week of 100%. You need to have full weeks of 100% to really feel and see the benefits of LT.

I do feel some sympathy as it's not always easy the first few weeks, but things that aren't easy sometimes are the things most worth doing.

Get right back on the case, ketostix seem notoriously unreliable judging by people posting here - so just don't bother with them if they're adding more worry and uncertainty. Just be sure that if you put in the effort you WILL get the results and you WILL be in ketosis.

AND NO MORE CHEATING! after all, you are the one losing out - nobody else.

Do you want to be slim? Really? Do you??? It's that basic. You can be if you follow LT 100% and only you can make that decision.

I know this will sound harsh to lots of you but to be hoenst SO many people are posting saying they';ve cheated in the last few days that i'm wondering how many of them really want this. For some the cheating will be a wake up call that they DO want to be on LT and i really hope that happens and they go on to much success :) And for others the wake up call will be that actually LT's NOT for them and that their dieting future lies elsewhere.

Whatever you do, do it 100% and you will get the results you need, want and deserve.

Good luck to you all.


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That was not harsh that was hitting the nail on the head Elle.
I'm with you Elle. Not really a fuzzy, cuddly "it'll be ok hun" type of person.

Just stop it Minimin!! seriously! no one can do it for you. If you don't have the motivation internally (as in..you are doing this for you, cause you truely want to...not cause you want to get into little clothes, be skinny for someone else...something external) then yeah...you're doomed if that isn't strong enough and for most people..it's not strong enough.

You know the plan, it's your decision to determine if you can/will do it properly.


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
Yeah i nearly did have a full week of 100%, i started again on the LT wagon wheel and i am really really determined not to mess this week up and i will make sure i drink enough water through the day.

LP is the first diet i have ever tried and i like because it is simple, i hope to do it for a couple of months.

Thank you all for the advice, any more advice from people would also be much appreciated :)
I just want everyone else on LT to have the same fab results I'm having, that's why i feel so strongly.

Minimin - how about having a sachet tucked away in handbag, one at work, one in the car etc - then you always have a meal to hand. it's not the easiest but they can be mixed up in a half full 500ml bottle (been there, done that - takes some shaking but it works!)

And never underestimate the power of water... ;) water is your best friend on LT!

All the very best to you. MOve on from your mistakes and get that full week of 100% under your... looser ;)... belt...


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
I have to say Elle Emm - your brilliant. Everything you say is always so motivational.

I am not working at the moment so it is not too bad, i fill up a jug of water and drink that through the day.
Awww, thanks! Like I say I just want everyone else to get the most out of being on LT like i am. Before LT i had ZERO willpower and very little motivation after week 2 of any diet. Lt is therefore pretty miraculous for me :)

I think all diets are 'won' in the planning. So if you can anticipate having an extra hidden away - and i think the flapjacks could come in handy here- then forewarned is fore-armed (or whatever the phrase is!)

It takes some getting used to and i suppose because i am away from home monday-friday i am SO extra careful about packing/checking/re-checking i have enough shakes/coffee/tea/sweeteners for the week that i have got used to it now!

You will get there though, take s abit of practice - like getting the water intake up, i know lots of us struggle with that.

I actually think the last few days i've not been drinking enough water, oops, feeling very thirsty often. keep having tea/coffee instead as it's cold in the office and the caffeine helps me stay awake for working in the evenings.

the jug's a great idea, helps you keep track. Again, i fill up a 500ml bottle so i know when i've had 4 of them i've at least had my minimum.

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