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Am I eating too little Fat

Hi All

I will have been on xenical for 1 week at end of today and no side affects. However I have done a diary each day and my fat for the day is between 15 to 20 per day sometimes below 15. I seem to be eating well i.e. weetabix + fruit for breakfast. Crispbreads plus low fat cheese spread and yog + apple for lunch. Afternoon snack of fruit or snacajaks. Then for tea I have either prawns or chicken with salad, branston, beetroot and new potatoes or baked or I will have pasta with low fat pasta sauce. In the evening I will have fruit, an ice lolly and even a curly wurly.

Just wondered if I was doing ok - my calories vary from 1300 to 1500 and I walk to work and back each day 15 minutes each go so half an hour each day. Plus I may start walking a bit more and get on my Wii fit plus or wii dance.

I am feeling good but would welcome any thoughts from anyone - Sue x
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The lower the fat the better, Sue, don't let anyone tell you that you need to eat more fat just so the Xenical will work, that just doesn't make any sense. It sounds as though you are doing brilliantly, keep it up and look forward to a big weight loss!

KB x
Thanks Kitty but it just seems that some days I am eating loads but all are low far and low calorie. Hubby has just done me a baked apple with sultanas and not sure how much fat in it but not much so will have to look it up later but its tasty mind you, just has a small amount of sugar with sultans in the middle. I have my weigh in a week this Thursday so that will be the test

Thanks again for your support and advice much appreciated

Sue x
The thing is, you can eat loads if you want as long as it's the right food you are eating and you're not going totally mad on calories. It seems you're not so all should be well. The apple sound yummy!

KB x
I agree Kitty but reading some posts on here I think people think eating small amounts means large weight loss but it does not have to be if you add things like Branston, picallily and beetroot to salads as very little calories and hardly any fat. Thing I do miss is salad cream as never realised how high in fat that is. I don't have any butter or margarine with potatoes but if you get some jersey royals they do not need anything they are lovely, expensive but so worth it. Plus I make sure I have fat free jelly in fridge and that with a mullerlite is lovely but with your fantastic weight loss you know what is good and what is not. People like you are such an inspiration to others so we know that if we are good and stick to rules we can lose the weight. Have a lovely evening (sun is out here) Sue x
Sun is out here too, have you tried making up a sugar free jelly with boiling water, wait till it cools, add a mullerlight or 2 and whisk, leave to set in the fridge. Yum! Some people add egg white to this too...
You can get extra light salad cream, I think Weight Watchers do one, maybe Tescos own as well, can't remember, more of a mayo girl myself (Hellmans Extra Light) I'm not fond of beetroot etc but add little pickled onions to everything!

KB x
I use Tescos light one and it`s fine :)

I would suggest eating a little more fat. Not for the reasons that people think - ie the tablets working better or anything like that. But for the physiological reason that we need a certain amount of fat in our diets to allow for healthy cell regeneration and things like that nerve conduction pathways. Your skin is a major factor in this and your skin is more likely to not be supple enough to shrink back if you limit your fat too much.
Also there are numerous vitamins that are fat soluable which you need to be sure you are getting the right amount of. It is because of this that there are guidelines to allow up to 45g of fat per day.

I know we may lose weight quicker by eating less, but who wants to do that if it is going to leave them potentionally with longer term health complaints.

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