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Extra Easy Am I getting EE right??

S: 10st4lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm back on SW after a couple of months break, going to go for EE days more than the usual green/red if possible but green just seems to be in my blood. The below is what I'll be eating today, now to me, this looks like a green day apart from the fact I wont be having 2 of each HE's. I was going to add some bacon to my breakfast but that would have just been for the sake of it and dinner, guess I could have some chicken with it but then that's just adding food for the sake of it... So, does this qualify as an EE day?

Baked beans and quorn sausage

Pinepple, fig, melon

Cous cous with mixed veg and chopped up quorn sausage

Pot of pineapple

Chickpea, spinach and sweet potato curry with rice and natural LF yogurt

HEA (milk in tea throughout day)
HEB (pita bread)

What do you lot think?
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It looks more like a green day to me hun, but without 2 of each Hex. With EE you should aim to have 1/3 of each meal as superfree i.e. most fruit and non-starchy veg :) xx


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I agree with the others, you need to really up your superfree intake.
And what about your syns? Make sure you have around 10 a day. Was your pineapple fresh or canned? If it's canned you'll need to use some of your syns for that


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It my extra easy book it says if you find yourself filling up on food that is mostly free on either red/green then it's probably best you stick to those days, why don't you stick with red and green and just have EE when you want to have curry (chicken or beef eg) and rice or burgers and SW chips! Xx


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Also, what brand is your pitta? According to SW website, only ASDA and now Co-op wholemeal pittas can be a HEXB (and the ASDA ones dont seem to be available now anyway - all pittas in ASDA are by the Flatbread Co)


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i am on week 5 and finding it hard to get around it, i was losing at first and dont think i will this week, dunno whats happening

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