Am I ginger?

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  1. JorjT

    JorjT Member

    Hello, I suffer from paranoia because of my weight, I always think people are judging me, anyways im working on that.. But would you guys tell me if Im blonde or ginger? I dyed my hair and it was golden blonde, some of my hair has turned the whitish blonde I was hoping for, but other bits look abit yellow and im really worried I look stupid..

    this is a poll so feel free to tell the truth..
    And I know this is stupid, but you will be helping me LOADs if your honest.
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  3. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    cambridge diet / weight watchers
    sometimes if you look at a colour under artificial light it can look a bit yellow/orangefrom the bulb, but the best way is to take a mirror outside and look in natural light at your hair colour and you will see better.

    Sorry gonna be brutally honest its a bit more golden in places...
  4. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Being healthy
    Hiya Hun
    Did you dye it yourself or in a salon? The thing with home dyes is that you cant use a toner if you need to. It calms the colour down. And dont be down about yourself and weight, your a lovely looking fella
    Vicky xx
  5. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    Ive used a toner at home on my own when i by accidently messed my hair...
    I dye my hair at home all the time.. lol..

    What colour hair do you want Jorj?

    x x
  6. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Being healthy
    I dye my hair and home now too but when I was blonde It was a salon job cause its that hard to get it right going from dark to bright blonde. But blondes dont have more fun lol
  7. JorjT

    JorjT Member

    Thanks everyone for being honest :)

    It was a little orange lol, so today I went and bought some proxide, my hair and eyebrows are now white! Which is the color I wanted originally :)

    The reason I want it white is because next month Im hoping to dye it cyan blue, or aqua blue.. And when you dye a color over white hair, especially a light color, you get the best result =)

    Thanks :)
  8. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    cambridge diet / weight watchers
    Ah wow, bet thats going to be fab, don`t forget the piccies xx
  9. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member


    Picture 1 looks ginger
    Picture 2 looks blonde

    Imagine your hair like velvet depending upon which angle and light you stand at/in it'll change colour. If I saw you IRL I suspect you'd look blonde to me. I hope your eyes aren't that colour in real life though ... cos I'd say it was your eyes folks were staring at ;) (I'm joking here ...)

    I don't think you have anything to worry about. It's the way the light is catching you hair coupled with the density of the hair and the way it lies on the top of your head compared to the sides.

  10. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Being healthy
    I used to have blue and pink hair when I was 16, Cant wait to see the pics hun x
  11. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    i just got rid of red hair cos it took the mick.. lol.. i had to redye it every 1-2 weeks.. and it was a pain in the ass.. lol.. so i can relate..
    I bleached mine.. and then dyed it straight away.. if your using a strong colour on top.. it wont matter is its white.. or light blonde.. or ginger.. or anything like that.. lol.. trust me.. when i used to bleach mine.. used to end up bright orange.. shuv the red on top.. Bam.. perfect..

    x x x
  12. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    i would say you are officially classed as strawberry blonde (which is on the border of ginger but not quite)

    you can buy a purple shampoo to wash your hair and this will take away the golden/yellow tones that are in it. It is commonly used so give it a go.
  13. Glorious_Day

    Glorious_Day Banned

    Its a bit "Young Boris Becker-ish".
  14. Happe

    Happe escaping the fat

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    And whats wrong with being ginger???? dont you know we are going to rule the world one day
  15. Diva2B

    Diva2B Striving to be good.....

    Cambridge [allegedly :o)]
    Go to Boots and buy yourself a colour mousse in SILVER - it comes out purple but if you apply a good dollop of it to your hair you will find that it tones out the golden (NOT ginger) bits.
    You are far from ginger - not under any stretch of the imagination, but you have got goldy bits in.

    Trust me on the mousse, and after using it for several days you will get a build up which will give you the white-blonde effect that you are looking for.

    Let me know howyou get on.....

    Be happy with yourself!

    Mikki xxx
  16. GaynorEm

    GaynorEm Proper Little Madam

    I would say bleached blonde.
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