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am I having too much dairy?

I've stalled for the past couple of weeks so i've been trying to narrow down the reason.

I've swapped my no-added-sugar vimto (yes, I know- please don't berate me but i did manage to lose 13lb whilst drinking it!!) for coke zero/diet coke.

I've cut back totally on all tolerated items.

I can't really do much more exercise - (if anything I'm probably doing too much)

so now I'm looking at my diary intake. On a normal PP cruise day I have about 200g FF natural yoghurt and 400g cottage cheese (1.3g fat). On a PV day i have the same amount of yoghurt and 200g of cottage cheese. I don't have any milk at all

I'm nowhere near the 1k limit - or have the limits changed and i've missed it?????
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Curvy, i cant answer you because I don't know much. I will watch this space and see what the experienced people have to say.


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I rarely go above 500g dairy, and you're about at the same level as me there. I wouldn't think it's that causing strife. Although, having said that, you are close to target, BMI normal, and you're having quite a lot of cottage cheese on PP days which isn't fat free of course.

Have you posted menus anywhere? If you've cut OUT (not just back) on tolerated foods, and haven't lost weight in 10 days, I'd advise also cutting out the cottage cheese for a few days, watching your salt intake (with ham/bacon etc if ever... smoked salmon, mackeral etc), and going back to basics. Cooking from scratch etc, if you're not always.

Without menus, this is complete guesswork + a shot in the dark first thing in the morning etc!


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Sounds like you are doing everything right honey. I can only offer one piece of advise....don't weigh yourself!! Well, not weekly anyway! I had what I thought was a stall but technically it wasn't! 1st Sep I weighed 66.9kg then on 1st Oct I weighed 64.7kg! Not the huge loss I had experienced previously but as I'm nearing my goal, I think it's just slowly down which perhaps is the case for you?! :)
i've started posting my food diary, will update daily. x
1 kilo lost this morning! 15lb lost so far!!

all because (i think) i chewed considerably less sugar free gum and dropped the no-added-sugar vimto for pepsi max.

happy days!:)
That's fab curvygirl well done :D


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Very glad to read that!

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