Am i in Ketosis?


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This is my 4th day on the CD and yesterday and today i have not felt hungry at all :D I thought last night that i would have suffered like i did on friday night with wanting food.... but last night was a breeze and i didnt think about food once. Fridays and Saturdays are normally my wine and food nights lol I know friday night was really hard but last night was great!! Today i have drank my water and not even thought about food i aint even had my first pack yet hehe! I just dont seem hungry at all and i am not even wanting or thinking about food :D

Im i in Ketosis or is it just me being good on the diet haha??!!

<3 xxx
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It sounds like you are hun. Its amazing how the hunger just vanishes isn't it?! Now please can it stop off at my house?! xx


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I no I am in ketosis when I get a horrible metal taste in my mouth and my teeth feel like metal and when I start to feel cold when the heating is blasting!!

Fingers crossed your in ketosis now, if you dont feel hungry then I would say your there!! Good luck!! Im on day 10 and feeling good!! no cheats, woo hoo go me!!

Kylie xx


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Yaaaay glad that you have hit ketosis hun :)

Now all you gotta do is keep up ya water... not reach for anything (and why would you cus u dont feel hungry) and enjoy it :D Once the first few days are over it does get easier happy that you are seeing that ^.^

I can't wait for your w.i. next Thur now :p


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Woo hoo, hope you are hun :) why don't u go get some Ketostix?? xx


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Thanks everyone :D

I do think i am in ketosis i have had another fab day today :D Keep gettin the start of a headache without the pain i just get the funny fuzzy spots in my vision and i know a headache is coming on, but i take medication right away and it goes away before i get any pain :D and apart from that i cant complain. I even watched Andreas have some thick fresh bread this morning with some greek Halloumi cheese on it and i was fine. It did look nice tho but i dont think i could stop it looking nice even if i was in ketosis haha! Not feeling hungry at all and i am loving it :D :D :D xxx


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Good for you Tasha, CD will now be much easier to stick to, sounds as if you are in ketosis heaven! x