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am i just fooling myself??


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i was going to hide this in another thread as i have done the unthinkable. after thining i was doing well and posting about struggling with the 3rd shake....

i can barely bring myself to write this. after writing my earlier mail and being so proud of myself and my journey over the week (i was keeping an eye on my weighloss every morning and it was coming down) and thinking how i struggle to have 3rd shake and all... i met a friend after school and had every intention of having a coffee except she ordered food and then i did too and oh crap i ate it - mexican chicken and fries and i was thining oh well i wont eat the fries and i'll just sorta push it round gte plate as i'm not hungry and then it arrived and it came with rice and i bloody well ate nearly all of it.:break_diet:and i've spent the last hour trying to get sick and take it back but i cant make myself and i weighed myself and i'm 5lb heavier than this morning now :cry:and when i think of all the work during the week i could CRY why am i so weak. why am i so against myself...am i leading a different life on some parallel universe where i am thin and happy and i'm just meant to suffer in this one :mad: now i'm going to try and play tag rugby but my enthusiasm to exercise is gone and i just wish i had a rewind button. what good am i if i cant even control what i put into my own mouth. :cry:
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this is SPARTA!
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Oh hun, please dont get too down on yourself. You're HUMAN, we all make mistakes. And this diet is harder than anything, sometimes its almost impossible to resist. Think about it, you've spent your life learning your old eating habits. Now, you are strictly trying to change your eating habits in such a profound way. Just accept you've had a slip and move on back to 100%. I think these feelings will make sure you dont slip again. Go to your rugby thing, dont let it defeat you xxx


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Oh hunny I really feel for you. You can turn this around and in time it will become a source of inspiration for both yourself and others. Don't beat yourself up for giving in to temptation it's not a crime it's just a blip. By putting it into context you might end up at goal 3 days later than you would have.

I know it isn't easy but draw a line under it, be kind to yourself and good luck xxx


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I felt so sad reading your post as I could feel the frustration.

Firstly, you HAVE admitted what has happened, and now MOVE ON! It is done and dusted and nothing you say or do will remove that...but, you can move on and you can learn from it.

It happened to me first time on LT but I was in my third week.....I hadnt even been struggling the day that I ate and bang, all of a sudden I was stuffing my face. I felt so ashamed and could only admit to someone on here via private message!!!

So, the fact you have come onto the forum means you want to move on and you want to keep going!!!!! SO, WELL DONE FOR THAT!

Secondly, this feeling...bottle it up!! It will take you to next week and beyond. I am sure you will learn from this. Stick with LT 100% and it will reward you for the effort you put in. So, when you feel like eating next time around, think about exactly how you are feeling now.....(that's what I did), and I managed 16 weeks.

Lastly, be kind to yourself. This is a hard diet but you need to want to do it FOR YOU...no one else and what has happened has happened, and just forget it and start again......you havent puton 5lbs of fat..this is your glycogen levels as you didnt refeed! You will be out of ketosis, but give yourself another 3 days or so and you will be back in it again.

Hang in there and stop being so negative....you need to believe in yourself and that you can do this!!!

Take care


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Hi I lost 4lb this week have been struggling for a few weeks but when I have given in it has been sensible food, this wouldn't happen on any other diet I have done and as I have got down to a weight that I was last at 13 years ago I realised today that it has taken 13 years to put this 38lb on and I've just lost it in 10wks, I have spent all my life beating myself up over eating the wrong food etc, I become guilty then eat to cover that feeling, well since I've been doing this I try to give myself a tap on the back for the good days, I don't ignore the bad just dust myself down and hope I have less of them as the days pass, I hope this helps and think you can do this as others have said we are human, have learned a lifetime of bad habbits and tho some are able to do this 100%( which I really admire) some of us take a little different route and as long as the weight isn't going on each week just tick along!!


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You have some good advise here, I agree with the posters.

You need to be good to yourself and have some belief in your ability to get back on the journey and keep with it. You are human just the same as the rest of us ... one slip doesn't man you can't do it ... You can do it! If you punish yourself the chances are you may end up comfort eating ... is that what you want to do? I bet you don't or you wouldn't have shared this.

Good luck, we're here to help, if we can.
Come on, stop beating yourself up! If it was that easy to control our eating, we'd all be thin. Just don't let one slip be an excuse for giving up. Good luck tomorrow hun x


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Hi Smurfette,

I was also sad reading this, you shouldn't feel shame. The diet doesn't control or own you, you are doing this diet. Its a slip up, thats all, you put it behind you and move on. I think the reason you are up 5lbs is that you weighed yourself with food in your stomach. I bet you will still be down weight this week, you have a massive calorie deficit so please don't get too down. I really want to tell you its so easily done, you will move on and you will lose that weight. You and only you can control what you eat, how much you exercise and how you feel. You can now make the choice to exercise and stay on LT.
You are not too far from goal now and you have done excellently!! You will suceed in this Smurfette!!


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Massive hugs sweetie. Don't give up! Like all the others have said we are all human. Sometimes we just need to give in to things - this was obviously your moment. Just remember why you are wanting to lose the weight. Get a mantra into your head - mine is "size 14 jeans - that's what this means" - daft but it works for me. Also let people know. I have told my closest friends who would usually phone me up for lunch or a pint after work - that way they know not to tempt me. They have lunch - then call me for a natter or a black tea. Ideal.

You may be surprised by the scales this week - it's likely to be a loss as overall throughout the week you will be down on calorie intake. Positive thinking - and if it is a gain straight back to it. You can do it! We have faith in you lovely x


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S: 14st1.0lb C: 12st2.5lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 1st12.5lb(13.45%)
thanx to ye all for your kind words and support! i had my shake first thing this morning sthg i dont normally do and i'm having my second now. there is chocolate cake in te staff room but I AM NOT HAVING IT. I can reward myself in other ways. weigh in 2moro morning tho i am not expecting much. i did weigh this morning and it wasnt as bad but up a couple of lbs from yesterday. i am going to take it one day at a time and make each loss count thanx again for the support - u are all stars and i wouldnt be able to do this without the support on the website thanx xxxxx


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I have gone up 3lbs from yesterday on my scales. I have my w.i. today (in 10 mins lol) which I am dreading. I didnt cheat, BUT I didnt have my water as normal. I think I only drank a litre. plus my shakes yesterday. the water really does make a difference also :(


Here we go again!
Glad you're having a better day today Smurfette. I have my first shake at 8am, the second at 1.30pm and the last one at about 5.30pm, just like my old meal times really. I can't have my breakfast one any later, I just can't last any longer.

Hopefully having your shakes at these new times might help.

Who wants chocolate anyway!!

Stay positive, you are doing great!


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S: 16st12lb C: 15st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 43.5 Loss: 0st13lb(5.51%)
Aww hunny I'm glad you're feeling better today Hugz xxx