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am i on track ? i am following EE

today i have had an omelette this morning- 3 eggs with bit of semi skimmed milk (hex a) and few slices of ham. snack- grapefruit, tea- syn free sausage with syn free chips and baked beans, for snack around 10pm i will have 2 weetabix(hex b) with semi skimmed milk hexa. i have had two cups of tea with two sugars in each , and 2 glasses of robinsons sugar free juice.
can someone help me in telling me if i am going in the right direction ?
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If you are doing EE my understanding is that you need to pad out your meals with one third fruit or veg. So depending on how much later after you had your omelette you had your grapefruit this may count ... hopefully someone will come along and confirm this for you.

Same again for your tea ... you need to have some fruit or veg :)

You may find yourself a bit hungry with such big gaps between meals - don't forget to give yourself a treat ;)

Last but not least, maybe a bit more fluid? ... And don't forget to syn your sugar ;)

i find it hard to eat a lot of veg so i have been eating a lot of eggs and other free food. will this not count ?when i am off work i dont tend to eat as much wereas if i am in work i nor have 2 weetabix (hexb ) for brekkie with semi skimmed milk(hexa) then some fruit, then my lunch with a muller yoghurt and fruit, then my tea then some more fruit . how many syns is each teaspoon of sugar ? and if you use sweetners do you have to count them ?
I have exactly the same problem, cant believe someone else is the same as me!!! I love fruit too but also struggle with veg, dont like salad so was finding lunches on EE very difficult. The rule of thumb with EE is fill a third of your plate at every meal with veg, or fruit. OK fruit fine with many meals but when it comes down to say meat and potato you would obviously have veg. I struggled so much my c told me to have some veg soup before my meal but I didnt want that every day. In the end I just decided to do red and green days, and this suits me fine. You also have extra H Es on these plans. Hope this helps. Try to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day as well. Sweetner is free by the way.
i thought i was the only person too! so far my weight loss has been good, if i carry on the way i am doing this do you think i will carry on losing? as i really dont want to do red and green.i just get confused with that whereas i can do ee without thinking. i must confess i havent really been drinking water either, i drink sugar free juice
If yr doing EE how do you go about filling your plate with one third veg if you dont like it? Just interested and so pleased found someone else with similar taste buds to mine. We are so in the minority ha ha
i dont put any veg on my plate norm i will try and have some about twice a week, but i have been having syn free chips etc for my teas and jacket potatoes so havent been putting veg with it. i have been eating a lot of eggs too
Yes well that is what I would also have becca but my c told me I must fill my plate with a third of superfree food at every meal for the plan to work, that is why I changed to red and green as I just could not do that, even though I love fruit. I did a food diary for 4 weeks and she told me to eat more veg even though I did try to have some veg most days. You may find eventually that you are better on the red and green plans. Your food above would suit a green day perfectly and you can have extra HEs. Just a thought, but I like you struggle with veg. And that isnt easy is it?

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