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Am I really in ketosis if I'm still feeling so hungry


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I'm with you on that, i'm on day 3 checked this morning & in ketosis but i'm so hungry, don't understand it?! :confused: I've just started my 5th litre of water so i'm not dehydrated...xx
I too felt like that.

And yesterday I did eat. Bad girl!!!

Anyway today Im fine no hunger at all. Just emotional hunger. Desperate for all the foods that make me fat!!!

Ouch that fat word. I dont really like it!!!


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Hi Iwillsucceed,

Hope it helps to say stick with it. If you've still got a shake to take maybe split it in half. and have one now and find something to distract you such as trawling this board and don't forget to keep glugging the ol' water. It really does help with hunger. Perhaps a bit of gum if it doesn't make you hungry.

(All tips picked up from CD successes in various posts on this forum)
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Hi all,
Day 4 of CD for me and the stick went pinkish last night.
However....I'm still sitting here feeling very hungry and thought that went away when ketosis hit.... My tummy's grumbling away and I wanna eat a pack of bikkies!lol
Any ideas?:confused:
Have you been drinking enough water?

Have another drink of water, tea or coffee and wait and see how your feeling after it...

If you have another CD pack to have this evening, split this one and have one half now and the other half later.

If not, I would still have a half of a pack now as it is much better than eating and it will tide you over this feeling.

I hope this helps.

Love Mini xxx
Hi there

You've only just got into ketosis and it may take a bit longer to be fully in and for the hunger to subside. Hang in there and by the end of your first week hopefully the hunger will be a thing of the past. As Mini says, water helps, ALOT!

I am day two so dont know exactly what its like yet but when i feel hungry or am on the brink of eating i drink water and it seems to drift away as fast as it came about.
Good luck, just stick to it.


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Not to disagree with anything that's been posted above--it's all true and the hunger does subside.

But I've found that occasionally I do get hungry, even twelve weeks in. Some of it isn't real, of course--it's just me feeling emotionally needy--looking for something to fill the void. Other times, I think I probably am genuinely hungry. It's never so bad that I've gone and eaten something though, and I can usually motivate myself to keep going because I've noticed that when it happens, it's usually the evening before I drop two or more pounds overnight.

Hang in there--it does get better, I promise.

I only wish I'd done CD years ago, sigh...
I think (like most things) that ketosis varies from person to person. Personally I don't find it to be a magic wand that banishes all hunger to, oh, I don't know, Keira Knightley's direction :whistle:! But gradually I noticed that I was less hungry and that even when I was really (genuinely) hungry it passes more quickly. Also, I find a cup of Bouillon really helps at those desparately hungry moments.

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