Am I right to be angry?


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One of my best mates rang me today and asked me to go out with her. Having trouble at home, I decided to go.
So... we went to the pub. We spent all day drinking, and had a right old laugh. She spent 50 euro on us having drinks, and then I got 50 euro to do the same.

When we got to our local, they asked if we'd like a ticket for the raffle. Every Sunday and Monday they have a raffle where they sell tickets for a fiver and the winner gets the pot, so to speak.

So I bought two tickets. One for me and one for her. It cost me a tenner. I told her, straight out, if she won, I'd expect half of it. She did win. She won just over 100 euro. All I got was 20 euro.

Am I being a royal bit*ch for wanting the half I'd originally said?
Should she have given me half?
Or am I being a cow for wanting what I originally laid out?

I'm SO angry that all I got was 20 euro when in all f-ing fairness I paid for the f-ing ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is this worth losing a friend over?


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Even though, yes, she should have given you half if she originally agreed, is this really something you want to hold on to and potentially lose a friend over?

Ok, I would probably be initially peeved if I was promised half- but I would end up thinking that with that 20euro you ended up 10 euros richer.

If she is one of your best friends, then i would honestly say don't hold on to the resentment. it's really not worth it.

it's only money after all, right?

I'm only saying this because in the past I have ended friendships over something that, looking at it now, didn't really matter.

My "second mum" always says to me when i'm peeved "in 10 years from now- is this going to matter?" if no- then i have to let it go. i don't want to take up headspace with something negative.

sorry- probably not something you wanted to hear- but i gotta be honest, lol



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I think it is annoying especially as you bought the ticket AND said to go halves on winnings. Maybe though she didn't think you were serious about that bit (did you say it in a jokey way?)
Does your friend really need the money at the moment? Maybe thats influenced her?
Its understandable you are annoyed though as others have said I think it probably isn't worth losing a friend over/won't matter in the long run etc
Hope you feel better after having a rant over it and sounds like you had had a good time apart from this incident x


Determination is Key
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I suppose you're all right. I don't want to lose a friend over money. But being such an honest person, I just couldn't believe I didn't get the half. Anyway... onwards. You live and you learn, right? I've definitely learnt a lesson.
Thanks for letting me rant guys x


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I'd probably have been pretty peed off at first too, but when you think about's just money xx


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Well where I come from that's not a friend! - where I come from or in the circles I/we mix it is an unwritten law that you share.

I once was playing a rather boozy game of Bingo in a local club (it's popular in the northeast, right;)) I vaguely remember shouting house and winning £700.

I vaguely remember my uncle Dave handing me £70 and giving £70 each to the other 9 members of the family out that night. My partner (now my ex) from Peterborough was amazed at this gesture - especially as nothing had been agreed beforehand.

My point being some people may have kept half and split the remaining £350 between the rest, but whoever won on our party that night was only getting 10%

I always thought that was the rule - even if it is an unwritten one (it might just be a geordie thing) I have seen girls/women split multi-thousand pound bingo winnings too - so long as you go out together.

Glad we never took the euro if that's how it works!;)