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Am i the only one still struggling?

I've avidly read all the messages, where everyone down day 4 or 5 was much easier and now they are sailing.

Is it just me then who's got to Day 6 and still really finding it very very very hard.

I've used very ounce of strength i have to stick to the LT rules, having only had shakes, water and black coffee for six days. But i am still finding it as hard as i did on day one.

Is it because i have so so much weight to loose and maybe i'm to big now to cope?:mad::mad::mad::confused:
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Dont Get Disheartened Many Of Us Have Struggled Through The First Week Or So.finding Ways To Distract Your Self From Food Is The Best Way .also Dont Know If You Are Allowed Things Like Sparkling Water But Bubbles Help Fill You Up.sorry I Cant Be More Help But Doing Cd So Different Rules Im Sure Some Peeps On The Same Diet As You Will Be Along To Give You Better Advice Soon But Someone Is Always Here To Help .sending You A:grouphugg:KEEP GOING IT WILL GET EASIER XXXMANDY
Thank you for the support. I actuatlly had sparkling water for the first time last night. I found it easier to get down in the evening that the plain water.

I'm trying to keep positiove and i'm sure tomorrow nights visit to the chemist will help, but its so hard...


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Hi Rosie,

I found day 1 and 2 easy peasy.....but hated day 3, 5 & 6. I remember them like they were yesterday........hateful!!! It does get easier. I dont think you'd ever say its an easy diet, but I have not been hungery since I got that first week out of the way. I suppose it must be tough when you know you have a lot of weight to lose, but read people like Elle and Bea's stories...these guys have done amazingly well. I'm sure once you get weighed and see the results then that will spur you on even more. (I have a glass of coke zero....NOT DIET, but zero every night before I go to bed).

Good luck hun.


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i found it hard to took me till about day 11 before i really wasent hungry,but im struggling at mo as due for totm and want to eat ahhhhh
Isn't it funny how we are not hungery, but want to eat. I've always wanted food whilst on the diet, but its helped me to realise that I eat because I fancy something and not because I'm hungery.


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Ditto! I think it reminded me what i had put on so much weight...eating for the sake of it!!
Hey Rosie

Best of luck at your weigh in looking forward to see how you do!!!
Keep up the good work!!! And remember everyone is here to give each other support:grouphugg:

Dear Rosie Ju

:sigh:EVERY day is tough on this diet - but every day you get through you'll find YOU get tougher and it does get easier.;)

:rolleyes:My most frequent diversion is to tell myself that if I really must, then I can have a slice of ham in an hour - no earlier! When that hour is up, I tell myself that I got through the last hour so I try to get through another one......

and so on!

:eek:Doesn't always work - but I'm on day 10(ish (I think)) and am still managing. I have to say that today I have the headache and I have just managed to finish my +2lts of water. I have had loads of tea and coffee and I even had three shakes but forgot the water, hence the headache

You'll get there and we are all here to support you on your way:p

All of your support has been truely amazing, and i'd never had gotten through these first second days without the support and encouragement. So a big thankyou.

I'm thrilled to sya, i've just come back from the chemist from my first weight in, and was staggered to be told i'd lost 11.6 lbs.

So you are all right, it's all worth it - BRING ON WEEK TWO
well done rosie thats amazing you got the hardest bit over and done with you keep going girl

Way to go Rosie Ju

Let's see what the next week brings - it'll be your turn to let us know what strategies you have used for coping:)


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Well said Rachel....it really is all worth it!!
Well done on your first week's weight loss. The first week is difficult, but the result is so amazing! Well done again, and keep up the good work hun xxx

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