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Am I the only one that loves the peanut flapjack?


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i didnt get any as the lady told me they are horrible but might get a couple next week to try


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I haven't heard anyone else on here say they like them but I really couldn't find anything offensive about them at all???
I'm just weird!!
hi lisa, you getting on alright? they sound lovely, i know its a different diet but im on cambridge and i think the bars are absolutely foul, would be love to be able to nibble on proper food and have a bar than was nice!


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I've had a second wind on LT and feel really good at the mo. Funny how things change in a couple of days! How are you getting on?
Maybe with the flapjack my need to chew has overtaken my tastebuds!
good for you, you dont let no one dictate to you what diet or how you should diet, it comes naturally, what works for one might not work for another!

i love flapjack and peanuts so i bet its gorgeous! not getting on too bad, i tried my fat pants on and they was a bit big so its made me bouncy today if that makes sense, feel like i can take on the world!


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Am I the only one that loves the peanut flapjack?
Yes, you must be! I'm amazed but pleased that you do! One more reason to stay on track!!


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a few years ago when idid this diet i hated the flapjacks, i had so spit it out right away at the busstop too haha, but then at that time i really hated the soup also but 3 years on i love the soup, so on tuesday i may miss my morning shake before wiegh in and get 1 flapjack, try it and if i dont like it then have my missed shake lol


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Thannks Blondie! I'm still a bit shocked by all that happened!

I'll just be the one weirdo then when it comes to the flapjacks. They just taste peanutty to me and all stodgy, mmmmm!

Lol, I would probably have got on great in the days of gruel!

irish molly

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I did not like them but they were very handy when out and about. I got used to them and had one maybe four times a week. Plenty of water needed to get them down!!
I like them too I think they taste of peanut butter on dry toast quite dry but not that bad, At least it is something to chew on and they last for ages.I have mine with a cup of tea.:p

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