Am I the slowest (non cheating) loser?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Ann2shoes, 29 September 2006 Social URL.

  1. Ann2shoes

    Ann2shoes Ann2shoes

    I`m on week 11 of LL and have so far lost 32lb. On two seperate weeks I didn`t lose any weight and some weeks I lose only 2lbs or 3lbs. Reading the threads on here it seems like I am the slowest loser. Could it be my age (56)? I know I have a slow metabollic rate because I had it tested once.
    Having said all that, I have not eaten conventional food once since embarking on this diet.
    Has anybody got any ideas on what else I can do to lose more weight each week or should I just be patient.
    Oh and while I`m asking questions how do you add all those fancy bits to your posts -like how much you are losing etc. etc.!
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  3. Russiandoll

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    Hi Ann
    Recognise me?? Great to see you here.

    Sometimes it's a wee bit disheartening to see other people losing 5 or 6lb per week but you have to try and stay blinkered ... this is YOUR personal journey and it'll take as long as it takes.

    You're sticking to it 100% so you won't get a faster result no matter what diet you do and you're in ketosis so there's nothing you can do to make your body burn more fat: it's already burning your fat stores directly!

    Try to remember that every ounce you lose on a VLCD counts because once the glycogen has gone and you're in ketosis, you're burning fat and not water etc.

    On other diets, you may lose 2lb per week but some of that may be water / glycogen with only a proportion of the loss being fat.

    You're doing great so just keep on doing what you're doing. :D
  4. Libbie

    Libbie Silver Member

    Morning Babe
    Ha you have lost 32lb which is great,I know it can be a bit disapointing to lose it slower then others but we are all diffrent.I have lost 7st 10lb in 9mths but compared to some other lossers this is slow and I should be at goal by now,Some weeks I inly loss 1lb or so and then think to myself why????but I know it has to come off and as Debbie has said we are lossing fat.I am 55 so we are the same age sould be something to do with that,or I think it could be that the fat has been there a long long time and it does not want to leave me without a fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you or doing it 100% and drinking the water there is nothing else you can do your body will let go of the fat in its own time is how I look at lt
    You are doing well babe keep it up,your weightloss journey may take longer the some but you will get there
    Keep on keeping on {{{HUGS}}}
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Member


    Well done on your 32 lb loss, that is fantastic! You must be starting to see a difference by now! I wonder how long it would have taken you to lose that much with Weight Watchers?

    However some reasons for a slower weight loss on LighterLife might be

    1 Age - older people lose slower
    2 A sedentary life style
    3 Not drinking enough water
    4 Fluid retention with monthly cycles

    I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them right now. The only thing I can suggest is that big water drinkers lose faster so try upping the water by another litre a day if possible.

    Also it might be worth reminding yourself of the hare and the tortoise story! I started off the slowest in my foundation group with some weeks only losing 2 lb but keep 100%ing and you will soon overtake them all.

    Hugs to you x
  6. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I think there are a number of slower losers on here. Perhaps they are less inclined to post their losses.

    My rate was about the same as yours. I'm 50, and though I know metabolic rate slows as you get older, such a low calorie intake is still enough to get that excess off.

    I guessed that if I was losing slowly on a VLCD, then my weightloss on another diet would probably be even slower and punctuated with weeks of plateaus (which used to happen).

    You've done an excellent job to date. Keep on chugging. It'll come off :)
  7. Ann2shoes

    Ann2shoes Ann2shoes

    Thanks to everyone who has replied to my question, it really has encouraged me. When I feel disheartened at all, I go upstairs and sort out the clothes that are too big and try on the ones that haven`t fitted me for *&!$ amount of years!
  8. Libbie

    Libbie Silver Member

    I had a good giggle on Thursday getting ready to go out put on my size 32top and asked hubbie how it looked???
    He just looked espicaly when I said that when I brought it last oct it was too tight.Now in size 14/16 tops
    Things like that remined how much you have lost.

    Keep trying on the cloths it helps so much.
    How you doing today
  9. Mini

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    Hi Ann,

    I think I can lay claim to being the slowest loser by far and I think age does have something to do with it as Shadow has already said.

    The thing is it is coming off and you are getting somewhere!

    Don't let the chatter box get the better of you.

    Love Mini xxx
  10. Purple Hugs

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    for the tracker info ;)

    Sorry you are feeling that this is slow.. It's hard not to compare it.. but go and lift the weight you've lost... and you'll see how well you are doing!! ((hugs))

    fact is.. you are lower now than you were at the start! ;) There are a lot of members that have done LL Then switched to CD to continue their journey.. much as we'd like to lose all our weight NOW.. it does take time.... more for some than others.

    Stay strong! ;) ((hugs))
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