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am I totally weird ??!!

Hi, I am now in my 5th week of Lipotrim and feeling good :)
I have always hated cooking , but over the last few weeks I have started to love it .. cooking far more stews and casseroles and 'proper food' than ever before . i find the smells and process of cooking so satisfying , then wehn I sit down with my other half and kids and watch them eat it whilst I have a shake , I feel great .. and afterwards I feel really satisfied , like I have sat and ate a huge plateful myslef !! I love to smell the food , so then I know what it will be tasting like .. so I feel like I have had some ???
Does anyone else feel this way or am I just odd ?? My other half thinks I am weird when I ask to sniff his food and drink !!!!!
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Haha I do that 2! my other half think im really strange! i love to cook but now i do healthy stuff for them.


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hay iam the same as you my other half thinks that iam trying to fatten him up but i do find it funny x


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hehe I don't personally enjoy sitting around smelling my husband's dinner but good on ya, I bet feeling that way makes cooking for your family that much more enjoyable while on LT.

Glad you're still doing well :)
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I felt like this throughout my whole experience on the shakes. Like you i felt full from the smells. I missed cooking dinner when they had takeaways, it was heartbreaking haha! Its a great thing to get cooking as wen your finished the shakes cooking for yourself is so SO important coz you can only know whats in your food if YOU cook it. It will help you out alot to start getting used to cooking now coz it will become your most important hobby in the future. haha!

irish molly

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Katie, I have felt like that from the beginning. I love to prepare food and find the whole process of preparing food very therapeutic. I am not tempted to sit down and eat any of it. I think I would find it very hard if I was not doing this as it at least gives me something to do at mealtimes!!! I also find that preparing food now makes me think more about the right foods etc.


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hi graham if you going to do this then this site is the best friend that you will have lol good luck .xx
No, me too!!

Although, I used to be a chef, so I do enjoy cooking but I have actually done far more cooking - and baking - since I started LT.

Do find it really tough not tasting things though - everytime I have visitors I make them taste for me!! x


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I think i have joined the wrong forum here it looks like i am the only male here. :wave_cry:
No - there are one or two of us.

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i'll second that Jon!!!

Graham that's three you can add!!!

Katie, i'm only on day two and i've already started doing the sniffing thing!!!

my OH has started the maintenance diet at the same time as me doing the TFR so she has a Lipotrim meal in the evening with me (helps to have the moral support!!)

i've started now and will go straight through Christmas too so thats going to be a little challenging but still i've always been putting off weight loss for too long

all the best one and all

jay ;)


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No im the same! And if i feel like eating a biscuit or chocolate i ask my hubby to eat it and let me watch!! I dont know why but watching him eat it gets rid of my craving for it!! :p

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