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  1. -Tally-

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    Cos I actually mean it this time! :D

    I need to lose about fifteen stone. I can't even begin to think about how hard it is going to be so I'm breaking it down into three 5 stone chunks. I've lost five stone before, I know it's achievable and so I'm going to forget the fifteen and concentrate on the five.

    My ticker is for five stone, when I've completed that I'll just start again. (that's the plan anyway but I will cos I really mean it this time! ;))

    I'm an emotional/comfort eater and after seeing the weight loss management team at my local hospital am now seeing a psychologist. She says I eat to suppress my needs and emotions and I think I pretty much agree with her. I also eat when I'm bored.

    I know what and what not to eat, am a yoyo dieting expert but I have that constant pull in my head towards certain foods that won't go away.

    I've been in a pretty bad relationship for the last 7 years and during the last 5 years I've put on over 10 stone and have only tried to diet once, which lasted about 4 months with a 3 stone loss.

    I feel pretty trapped because I have no confidence and don't feel able to leave the relationship, but because I'm unhappy I feel I am eating a lot more than I normally would. I don't feel it's purely coincidence that my most extreme weight gain has been during the last 5 years whilst in this relationship although I know I have to take ownership on my own behaviour and not place blame elsewhere.
    I have physically and mentally detached from my partner who is a recovering alcoholic and am working on the emotional detachment that I feel I need.
    I am hoping that once I lose some weight and gain a little confidence in myself that I will be able to leave the relationship. We're great friends but there is nothing more there now other than habit and a fear of managing on my own. We live as friends, we don't share a bed...we don't share anything. We're like two lodgers who share a house and the odd laugh. All responsibility is mine and I feel more like his mother than a partner.

    Anyway, too much rambling about him, back to me!

    I'm vegetarian and follow Green days on the Slimming World plan.

    I blame my weight gain purely on crisps, butter and white bread.
    I feel I am actually addicted to crisps and can eat 10-15 bags a day if they're in the cupboard and have trouble not buying them...that pull again.
    The rest of my diet is pretty healthy, I eat a lot of vegetables, quorn, lentils and homemade stews and soups, love fizzy water and yoghurt and don't have a sweet tooth at all.

    When I did Slimming World last year I lost 3 stone in about 4 months so am hoping for similar success except this time I want to keep going and not give up, like I always do.

    My weight is starting to affect my health and that is my main motivation for change. I used to want to be skinny to look good, now I couldn't really care less, I just want to feel better about myself both mentally and physically.

    Wish me luck and roll on Monday!
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  3. Barb

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    Healthy eating/Food diary
    I wish you all the luck - you have a sensible attitude and you sound quietly determined. Go for it, it's up to you, if you want it badly enough it will happen.
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  4. -Tally-

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    Thank you. Think I've finally hit my "bottom" (took quite a while) so the only way is up now, fingers crossed.
  5. IreneH

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    I mean it this time too. But I have been saying that since the WeMitts started in 2006 so why have I not lost this weight yet?

    Good luck.

    Irene xx
  6. PurpleRoses

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    good luck to you. be sure to come over to the swimming world boards, they're a nice lot over there. they're nice all over minis actually :)
  7. -Tally-

    -Tally- Silver Member

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    Thanks for the welcome :)
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