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Amberstone's Diary

Well firstly I will start by introducing myself...

Im 27, a newlywed (married Aug 09) and from Ireland. By profession Im a Human Resource Manager, I like reading, basketball ( but i have not been in shape to play in years), pool, going to cinema and watching lots of shows on tv such as Dextor, Fringe, 24, Heros, The Shielf, Prision Break, Sons of Anochary and many more... ( this is usually restricted to the weekend when we watch boxsets :) i am not in front of the tv 24 hours hehehe). I am also a big music fan and love going to concerts.

However even though ive always been fit (played basketball for both school and club team when i was younger) I always struggled with me weight.

In 2005 i was in a new relationship with my now husband since Sept 04 and with both of us over weight (him by 3 stone, me by at least 9/10) we decided to do soemthing about it together. This couldnt have worked better, i lost in total 6 stone and my partner lost 3 stone. The trouble is he has kept his off and I have put mine back on - all of it and as of last week was the exact same weight as when i began lipotrim back in 2005.

Now over the last two years ive gone up and down trying numerous restarts, i even had my wedding coming up but i didnt lose the weight for that ( in fact i put it on ! )

Now however Ive decided I will do it in 2010, I wont let another half a decade slip by and thus begins my journey today on this website and my week 2 on cambridge diet.

Will post more ... ive to go to the garage with my car over lunch break... :)

Ill probably ramble on this thread, but i welcome any comments or questions and I hope it helps reading my story to anyone else.... and who knows perhaps we can all support each other ... to a healthier life... :)

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Thanks Johnny :)

Ive been reading your diary as well and posted comment there.

Thanks for your support :)

Right so im back form the garage with my car.....

Basically i thought my front water for the wipers was frozen due to the bad weather, but oh nooooooo some little rat/mice had crawled up and chewed the pipe in half connecting the pump to the were it splashes out the water... perhaps he was doing a VLCD too, so im not TOOO mad at him, at times id eat a rubber band too lol...

Anyhow... i think its time to post a few items i will update each week:

Start Date 18th January 2010
Start Weight: 21st 8lb
Week 1- 23/01 -4lbs
Week 2- 30/01 ?

Mini Goals

Valenties Day Challenge - Be down 10lbs and into 20's
Get into 19's
Easter Challenge - Be down two stone 19st 8lbs for trip to Prague
Well work is almost over - and after a bad weekend eating since WI on Saturday I am back on track.

I have decided I am going to eat on the weekends if I want to, but will have to ensure SS Mon-Fri no exception. I know its going to be harder but for now it keeps me at least 75% sticking to it and not giving the whole thing up and waiting a week or two to start again as the restart wasnt perfect.... and in those few weeks put on a few more plbs!

So today
8.am - 0.5 Water
9 am - Cup of black coffee
1pm - 0.5 Water, Spicey Tomatoe Soup
5pm - 1.25 Water, Cranberry Bar

Work finishes now at 5.30 and ill be at home about 6, the trouble time will be from 6 - 10 when hubby gets home from his kettlebell training. When your by yourself I feel always tempted to peek in the presses and fridge.

My plan to get through 100% today until tomorrow...

7pm - cin and apple porridge and another 0.75 Water.

8pm - Hot cup of water with savoury drink flavouring.

Watch a load of without a trace on hallmark lol... and perhaps log onto the laptop to multitask...

Well my porridge turned into a mint chock shake made with hot water... but i managed to keep to the diet last night, it was difficult but i did it and feeling much better this morning.... So far have had a liter of water and a chocolate tetra....

The plan for the rest of the day...

2 more liters of water
Cranberry Bar
Spicey tomatoe soup...
Oh and aqua aerobics tonight, im doing it twice a week now, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Will hopefully get some good exercise DVDs and do some of them at home in other days.... sounds like good otpion as sometimes its SOOO hard to drag yourself to the gym after work.. so this will be best of both worlds... for now.

Just testing if profile pic works..


Awwwww !!!!!!! Your so kind and thankfully nobody else is in my office right now, as i do belive im having abit of a blush moment!

Wait till i tell my hubby someone finds me amuzing or my posts anyhow,he likes to tell me im goofy and NOT funny which I assume amusing might fall into the category of goofy but ill sell it differently :) hahaa.. im chuffed :) So much so, i have given you my first "thanks" on this site ( partly as ive only found out how to do it hehe).

Well done on your loss too and i love your picture with your kid, so cute.
Woo hoo all diet stuff and 3 liters of water consumed already...

Im contemplating missing aqua, ive a splitting headache and my aqua buddy has just cancelled on me :( but my gear is in the car so ill go... i think...

Check back in the morning..

Oh Doodlelover - :( Thanks so much for your post but i caved in on way home, just feeling rather tired/headachy/down :(

So i had another 3/4 liters of water and a hot CD savoury drink.. and im pondering bed early....

I feel bad now for not going to aqua :( Your right i prob would have felt better, but ill just keep on diet and not eat what i want to eat right now ... i need to do SS till the weekend...

Thanks for your post and motivation - ill def not miss aqua on Thursday... :))

Laughing... knowing him if i told him this chick off the internet wants to belly bounce him around the room, he would turn it into something kinky lol... so better not, but i did show him your other post earlier and he just laughed and rolled his eyes at me :) lol...

Im taking it that I win.... as he didnt debate :)) woo hooo

I didnt go to aqua, im a big aqua failure so i forced myself to drink another liter of water in penence...
Morning Everyone

Well went to bed early last night and i think as a punishment for not going to aqua I ended up coughing all night, odd.... and its not like i can be thirsty - im drinking 3 liters of water a day ! lol...

Anyhow, today is first real day i can really taste bad breath since starting on 16th Jan, perhaps cause im breaking diet on weekend maybe this is my first time in ketosis...

Ill have to check if i can get those sticks in the chemist to test for ketosis today... ive never used them before...

I thought you could only make the sport of Belly Bouncing kinky if you threw in a bowl of jelly ? :)

I applaud you for drinking so much water... Water makes me gag, it's my only downfall. Hope your head eases off soon. xxx
Jelly eh? lol Low fat i assume :))

Also on the water, its hard, i gulp it down which is probably not the best way to drink it..... im going to start adding the water flavour as i used to before even on 1 liter of the water..... Have you tried that?

Hi Amber,

Just noticed your diary - well done on the loss so far. I'm very intrigued by your approach the SS weekdays/food at weekends. Sounds really tempting to have some sort of reward after a hard week.

So if you only just got into ketosis this week how is that going to work weekend-wise? I'm assuming it'll take you out or are you sticking to low carb high protein?
Sorry I'm not really knowledgable in that area so thought I'd pick your brain! :D

I have tried it, and it is a bit better, but I'm still gagging at the thought of it being water. I know I should be drinking it, but its really difficult and I honestly can't explain the reason why... My husband thinks I'm a freak (no comment - lol) as he can get through endless litre bottles a day without even trying!

Have a fab day. ! xxx
Oh no so sorry you hate water :(( I try gulp mine back at times and i find if i dont have it toooooo cold, its easier to drink. When its cold, i find it terrible to drink.
Not sure Ive any other tips , perhaps hypnosis? lol....

Hi Amber,

Just noticed your diary - well done on the loss so far. I'm very intrigued by your approach the SS weekdays/food at weekends. Sounds really tempting to have some sort of reward after a hard week.

So if you only just got into ketosis this week how is that going to work weekend-wise? I'm assuming it'll take you out or are you sticking to low carb high protein?
Sorry I'm not really knowledgable in that area so thought I'd pick your brain! :D

Hi Sliming again,

Well firstly this is NOT the way you should do the diet, so i wouldnt recommend it. Also im not going to do it ALL the time, just from now till my holiday in feb. Then back to sole source.

To be honest, mentally it helps me at present as i know i will have my 'threat' at the weekend ( try limit it to Sat) and as much as i wish i was picking the good treat, it usually isnt the best - example, i had lasagna and chips last week WITH coleslaw. So i need to start having a healthy treat instead, but one step at a time, I will work up to it and im just not going to give up, till im back on SS after Feb.

Its also hard as im probably going in and out of ketosis... so again wouldnt recommend it as the right thing to do.... but its working for me then when im doing nothing at all :))

Hopes this was helpful, at least it was honset :))


Another good day, 3 liters of water and my 3 packs :))

Wait for it... i have aqua aerobics tonight! I AM GOING!!! No cancelling like Tuesday :))

Also did 50 sit ups last night to get started, im planning on starting off with 100 day.

Im also on the hunt for exercise DvDs i bought two off ebay which were cheap ... vicky burns one ( she looks great in that silver bikini thingy!!) also a hip hop dance one.
Next one is the Ministery of Sound - pump it up one and i hope to see the Pussy Cat dolls one for cheap somewhere....

Also.... has anyone every come across a weight loss competitor but not in a good way? "Person X" who knows of my long struggle with weight and has struggled themselves but is currently after losing a lot, is refusing to ask me how im getting on and also is planting little subliminal food suggestions in my head!! Im not kidding.... anyhow, i wont say anymore... but i think its just horrible :( It makes me more determined....


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