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Amelia's Weight Loss Journey


Trying to lose weight
Hi all,

Well I have decided to start this to try and keep track of what I'm doing and where I go wrong (if I do).

I started the Cambridge Diet on Monday 6th September 2010. My starting weight was 86kg (189.2lbs).

I weighed in with my CDC yesterday, Monday 13th September 2010 and have lost 3kgs (6lbs), so my weight now is 83kgs (182.6lbs). I feel great in myself even though my CDC felt that I should have lost more. But to be honest I have my TOTM so will be carrying more water retention again at the moment. Hopefully next week it will show more but I'm actually happy with what I have lost.
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Trying to lose weight
Well today so far I have had my strawberry shake which was nice.

I can't believe that I actually dont feel hungry, it's really strange how this diet takes away the hunger stage.

I still can't seem to manage to take all my daily intake of water though, I don't know why. I've tried so hard to get it all down me but I just can't (it's frustrating). I've taken more water in my shakes and also 1 or 2 cups of coffee with only sweetner to try and make up my water and I don't think that even helps. Hopefully as time goes on I will manage it better. :)
Hi Amelia, welcome to the boards and Cambridge and congrats on your amazing weightloss for week one. In regards to you struggling with water - have you thought about drinking herbal teas such as Peppermint or Redbush tea? They also count towards your water intake. I also find that when I add the Cambridge water flavourings (especially the summer berry) that I find it so much easier to drink water. If you add the water flavouring to fizzy water, it tastes like soda. Although one tip if you do this - drink some of the water first or you'll have it fizzing up everywhere! LOL.
Good luck with your second week. :)
hello- i just wanted to pop on and say hi and well done for losing those 6lbs you should be proud of yourself!


Trying to lose weight

Last night I gave into temptation and had some chips, don't think it has kicked me out of ketosis though as I still feel fine and don't feel hungry at all. I felt really guilty after having them as I didn't actually feel hungry, I just wanted them.

Today I am going to try and have half my vanilla shake this morning (which I am having just now) and have the other half for lunch. Then tonight I will have a full one of something (not sure what to have yet).

Do you think this is what I should do or should I still have the three as normal? Let me know? x
Hello i think you should have your 3 shakes as usual and maybe try to drink some extra water if you can, keep at it hun im sure the results will be worth it!!


Trying to lose weight
Well, I lost total track and went off of the Cambridge Diet.

I restarted on Tuesday 2nd November. Had a great week with it apart from on the Sunday I had a wee treat. But it didn't do me any harm. I am still feeling well and drinking plenty of water.

My first weigh in was Monday 8th November and I had lost 5 1/2 pounds which was great.

Here goes to another week of it and hopefully no blips this week. x

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