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Amy's food and exercise Blog

I've decided to do a food and exercise diary on here to stop myself eating rubbish sneakily. My OH bought 2 tiny twix mousse sundae things from asda last week and i caved and had one, i thought if i ate it fast enough it wouldn't count! But it did, and so did the many cans of carling and fast food.consumed over the weekend. However, the other days of dieting also showed.. I weighed myself yesterday and have lost 2llb.

I still need to lose another 26lb though, ready for my holiday to Portugal in late August... I want to feel happy in a bikini! And as i suspect my OH is going to propose on the holiday (we are going on a romantic sunset champagne boat trip and this is when i think he plans on doing it) i want to fit into my favourite dress again ready for the occasion.

So i'm dieting properly now, no more slip ups (she says) and getting off my backside and exercising! My diarys starting from yesterday, a week after i began.

TUESDAY 10/5/2011
BREAKFAST: 2 slices of warburtons wholemeal, used as HEB1, half a tin of tomatoes, 1 egg fried in fry light, lots off mushrooms fried in fry light.
LUNCH: Batchelors pasta and sauce, cheese leek and ham flavour. I used milk with it using up my HEA and a teaspoon of butter, 2 syns
DINNER: Syn free chips, quorn chicken pieces and mushrooms fried in fry light and batchelors gold savoury rice

EXERCISE: Went to my first zumba class which was an hour long, i absolutely loved it. Can't wait for next weeks lesson! It's an all over calorie burner though, so i've also bought 'the biggest loser six week slimdown' dvd. I havent ever watched it before, i only got it because it was the cheapest workout dvd in tescos! It says on the back there's a 'Beautiful Butts' workout in there which tones legs bum and thighs so im going to try this later today.

WORRIES: About exercise... I get worried my thighs wont lose weoght, theyll just go muscular! I want to use one of those things that you put between your knees and push on (if anybody knows what i'm on about) but i want to make sure i will actually LOSE weight. A really stupid question but what does 'toning' actually mean? Eventually i would like muscular legs but for.now just want slim ones!
Also worried i'm cheating the slimming world diet by having too many syn free foods like too much pasta with dinners etc.

I will post todays foods tommorow. Sorry if i've gone on too much, if only i lost weight for talking, i'd be a stick!
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Thought i woukld just post todays food this evening rather than tomorrow.

I did my biggest loser workout, it was so hard!! I only managed about 25 mins and had to stop. With zumba i enjoy it and don't feel ready to stop oce the hours up, but this workout was so hard i just couldn't wait to stop. I hated it, but i will do it again tomorrow. I also have YourShape on kinect for the xbox... I may have a play on that.

I've got a stressfull day coming up tomorrow that may result in a lot of upset, so i'm not sure if i will be sticking to it tommorrow as i may feel like a beer or two. But today has gone good:

BREAKFAST: I stupidly skipped breakfast today. I wish i hadn't as i always end up starving come 10.30, but i'd made myself some magic porridge and didnt like it and due to laziness didnt rustle anything else up.

LUNCH: 2 light laughing cow sandwiches (4 slices of warburtons wholemeal bread, 2 hex) with cucumber, a packet of quavers (5syns) a quorn sausage roll (2 1/2 syns) 2 quorn scotch eggs (1 syn each) and radish.
A massive lunch, i know but i was sooo hungry. Total of 9 1/2 syns whoops!!

DINNER: Quorn chilli made with tomatos, spices like.chilli powder etc and rice... Dont think there was any syns in it! I hope.not anyway.

For snacks i had 2 fruit pots (grapes and strawberries) and 2 satsumas.

I'm being lazy and doing nothing, havent even done the dishes yet!!
Amy xx

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