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amys weekly weigh in..

hi everyone started cambridge diet ss last week.
really struggled all week just could not get into it..
had first weigh in today and lost 8 nd a 3/4 :D i am so happy now that i know its working and am determined to stick to it 100% now. been finding it really difficult when everyone else in the house is having tea, but when i am on my own i find it really easy.
has anyone got any suggestions of the packs that are nice for me to try
thanks and gud luck to everyone else!!
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great 1st loss!!! well done. My first week loss has definately motivated me for the 2nd week.

keep going.
thanks and your weight loss was great!


skinny jeans-im on my way
well done,i find cooking for the family easier if i have a shake before hand,if its something im not too tempted by i sit with them and have a hot drink. it will be soo worth it in the end.x
thanks everyone, and i will try having a shake before i make the tea. i have been going in the bath or the other rooms whilst everyone is eating and that been helping a little bit. get weighed wednesday so i will post my weight loss then. thanks
amy xx



yummy mummy in the making
Well done Amy it a great loss! Keep it up!
Ang xx
Amy my kids are just having pizza so I jumped in bath with my hot chocolate shake (not in the bath I mean drinking it lol) feel soooooooo relaxed keep it up girl ur seeing the lbs drop already whooohooo

Sharon xx
2nd weigh in and lost 4 and a 1/4 lbs so pleased. need one more lb for a stone! lightest av been been years



this time - the last time
Congratulations! One stone is such a huge achievement!
thanks, and dont have a diary, coming on here and reading everyones journey is very motivating might strart one soon xx
Yeah Amy def I love just putting stuff down about my day in general just nice getting it out of my mind it's not interesting though hahahaha xxx
weigh in tomorrow. dont think i have lost anything this week :(. has anyone else had a lond period since starting the diet? really annoying now xxx
Well done Amy! That is a great amount! I have my first weigh in on Sat and hope I get near that mark!!!!

I actually find cooking helps me not get hungry, weird I know!
And keeping busy! My house is certainly alot cleaner since starting this diet

And also If I feel liek i want to eat I clean my teeth, thsi helps too for some reason xx
had 3rd weigh in today only lost 1 nd a half lb :(> quite disappointed but lost 2 nd a half inches so thaks ok. really want 3 nd a half next week to get into the tens xx

I found that last time I did it, sometimes would lose pounds and sometimes inches. A loss is a loss so well done x
thanks just couldnt seem to shift much this week. am hoping for a bigger loss next week :). xx


yummy mummy in the making
That's great! Your still losing!
amy_slim said:
thanks just couldnt seem to shift much this week. am hoping for a bigger loss next week :). xx
Awwwwwww huni that is still great just think what would of happened if you had been off plan I think ya bloody brilliant soooooooo whooohooo from me to u xxxxx

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