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An apology

It seems I have offended some of you with my bluntness on another thread, and for that I am very sorry.

Especially mush. I was not having a go at you personally mush, just at the info you provided. I am a very plain-speaking sort of person and tend to say what I think (in real life as well as on forums) so if my tone or manner offended or upset you then I am truly sorry. :( I certainly don't want you to withdraw from the support you are getting here on my account, please don't think that what I said was a personal attack.

However, I don't apologise for the gist of what I said. There are a lot of myths, half-truths and downright fairy stories floating around about dieting in general and VLCD in paticular, and there are also a lot of vulnerable people out there who can pick up on them and do themselves untold harm because they believe every word that they hear/read. I believe that it is the duty of any caring person to debunk such stuff as and when they come across it, and will continue to do so in the future.

I don't want to offend anyone, but I am who I am..........:eek:
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Nope lol I know what aromatase is*, it's an enzyme that converts testosterone in the body to estrogen, and one of the places it's stored is in the lipid (fat) deposits. :)

Burning fat will release it, and I suppose that a side effect of that is that hormone levels will be affected. Could perhaps be a referral to the original post I made? :confused:

Dunno how that relates to me not deliberately wanting to upset anyone though? :confused:

*Yam tries to build up smartarse points........:eek:


Stubborn and doing it
Sorry, response was perhaps too brief and was a response to your original and this post.

My friend Mush came here on my recommendation needing to lose weight to have a much wanted child - your had upset her badly as she was basically posting info given to her by her doctor. As you can imagine, having recommended minimins only to find her upset in what is already a stressful situation upset me. Your interpretation of blunt to me equals rude but it is done and that is that.

I am willing to let bygones be bygones, but felt that your above apology was a "I'm sorry, but I am right response". As someone who has studied biology as part of a university course, I just got irritated and that on top of upset over my friend being upset led to brief, above post.

Water under the bridge now to be honest and i hadn't thought i would require to give a full explanation but have now given one :)

I've not used this forum much lately, and am now hesitant to refer anyone else.

Good luck with your journey :) Good luck to everyone on your journeys :) Minimins can be invaluable in times of temptation.

I'm really interested in this, as on LL, and now on this I'm having pretty bad period problems :'(

TMI AREA - I've now been on for 2 weeks, very heavy as well. I'm on Implanon and it's rare for me to be on once every 3 months nevermind 2 out of 3 weeks. It's a nightmare!!

I've scoured the interwebs for journal articles regarding aromatase, oestrogen and VLCDs and come a cropper - and this is bearing in mind that I'm a Librarian and have access to a lot of the paid medical journals.

If anyone has any studies I can read though I'd really appreciate it :)
well I think somewhere this morning I posted something about always having the same issues as you, today it was too much coffee, or was that yesterday, no yesterday was the weighing thing. I don't know. I meant I was glad to finally not have the same issue as you , say no more !
Erm no, the knitting was me........ :p

Do you need a hand to count your marbles TT? Seem to have lost some today!
Poor you blorpy that doesnt sound good, why don't you email exante to see if they can help? x
Now who's leading who astray :eek:

Seriously for a minute though and going back to Blorpy, are you dieting under the supervision of your doctor/surgery? In your shoes I think I might be inclined to go to see them. You may need some tests to see what levels of various hormones are currently slopping about in your body, and possibly some medication to even it out.
Tee Hee

Perhaps they could do a test like they do on ancient ice & trees on me
a tap I think they call it

could keep an eye out for when I reach that level of fat & warn colleagues, hubby, cats & other associated friends of a possible hormonal imbalance
And I'm off YAYYYYYYYYYYYY. As soon as I'd typed that I realised I didn't feel quite so icky and VOILA it's gone.

I'd actually had tests done not too long ago for possible PCOS so I think I'm okay on the hormone front :)

My kitten's on my knee and he smells of poo :(
And I'm off YAYYYYYYYYYYYY. As soon as I'd typed that I realised I didn't feel quite so icky and VOILA it's gone.

I'd actually had tests done not too long ago for possible PCOS so I think I'm okay on the hormone front :)

My kitten's on my knee and he smells of poo :(
My cat's on my knee and he smells of poo, honestly ! I'm not lying. This is getting spooky.

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