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An extra pack ? Does it effect loss ?


I have four packs a day anyway because of my height.

But I would think that if your were really feeling that bad it's better to have one. Because you more likely to give up the diet if you struggle through on three packets and it's making you feel like that.
i have 4 pks a day also because of my height. But if i have felt hungry i have had an extra pack it did not effect my weight loss :).


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I'll bare that in mind if i'm having a bad day.


I have 4-a-day as well as I am tall. You could try splitting them so you have 6 meals. I split my 1st 2, 1/2 before I get to work, 1/2 mid morning, 1/2 for lunch, 1/2 late afternoon then I have 2 in the evening/when I get in from work. I also add extra water to the shakes as I love them but found they can take some extra water.


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I laways add extra water to the shakes and the soups. Am i right in assuming this makes no difference to the content? It seems to be an obvious thing....but you just nver know!
Same problem but reverse

Saying what I said earlier, I have the reverse problem, Like I said I have to have 4 packs but I actually struggle to have all of them! Does it hurt if sometimes I don't manage all four packets?!

Ooh ooh i want to know that too! I'm on 4 packs cos i'm tall, and only on day 5, but sometimes at night when i'm supposed to have my last, i dont fancy it at all!
Thanks all..

The most bizarre thing is that my doc measures me just a tad over 5ft8, so therefore i should really be having 4 packs,
But the CD councellor measures me just under.. lol

The first time round, i was fine on 3 packs, but somehow im more hungry this time..

has anyone else found this to be the case ? or do you think its gets harder the second, third, fourth time round even ?

hi guys you have to have all the packs daily. if 4 a day you must have them you need the nutrients. :)
Hi, I was on four packs a day but when I was ravenous would have an extra one. It didn't affect my losses and like you said Canary...it kept the Hob Nobs safe for another day...lol

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