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an honest post.


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hey everyone.
i just wanted to put this post on in case there is anyone else on cambridge who is living the lie i have been living for the past 11 weeks.
this is my third time doing cambridge and im now going to admit something........ i have cheated every single time.
by cheating, i was crafty.
every time i get weighed my comfort/reward eating demon rears his head and i feel like i should eat as a reward for my weight loss, for the achievement i have just done by completing another week.
so on a wednesday i would always have a meal out and throw myself out of ketosis and to be honest, the meal, as nice as they are , really arent as delicious as i anticipate them to be.
as a result, by the following day my scales at home would show an average of a 4lb gain overnight and i would be hungry as a horse due to leaving ketosis.
so for the next 2-3 days i would have my 3 shakes and an evening meal , consisting of chicken, melted cheese, salad and egg. i would like to say it was an 810 meal but no way, this post is about being honest. there is probably about 800-1000 calories in that monster protein meal of mine cause i am a binger in a big way :(.
this would carry on 2-3 days until i go into ketosis and the hunger fades. after every chicken meal i would feel sick and guilty but that wouldnt stop me doing the same the following day when i forgot the negative feelings.
i would then be 100% for 3-4 days before my weigh in and i would usually lose 3lbs. to be quite frank, im surprised i even lose that much.
i had somehow managed to convince myself that if i didnt treat myself or have chicken salads it would only make about half a pounds difference on the weigh ins.
i was wrong!
after my last weigh in last wednesday i decided i didnt want to go out for a meal (usually a carvery or a pub meal) as we had a lot to do that day, so instead i decided to have the chicken meal as my treat at night and therefore also stay in ketosis, so thats what i did.
this meant the following day i was still very much in ketosis and wasnt hungry.
that day something just clicked and i decided.... i have until october 15th when i am to be bridesmaid at my sisters wedding, to get rid of as much of this remainding 10 stones of extra weight i carry and even the extra half a pound extra i will get for being 100% will make a difference in the long term.
so, from last thursday onwards, i did myself a graph and every day i put a big red cross on it to show my commitment to being 100%.
today, after 6 days of 100% i went for my weigh in and was astounded when i saw that my usual 3lbs loss has turned into 6lbs loss.
so , if there are others out there struggling to be 100% and kidding themselves that cheating a few times a week doesnt make much difference.... trust me, it does.
i plan, wish, hope and pray i can stick to being 100% from now on. in hard times of temptation i hope to re read this post, which i have copied into my diary and i hope it spurs me on.
please, let it do the same for you . :D
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Hi Cherylxx,

Although you have 'cheated' in a way you have still lost a whopping 34lbs!

That in itself is the beginning to a new you.

I also have in excess of 100lbs to lose (120 to be exact) and I desperately want to reduce that amount of lbs by sticking 100%.

You can do this hunny - good luck and this board will help you along :)
wow, what a moving and honest post. I have taken away a lot from that message and am going to try my level best to implement it this week. thanks for sharing.

oh, and well done on all your losses to date.
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You have to be so committed to this diet which is why its so hard - there's not little treats or anything otherwise all the hard work you've done goes out the window and your out of keytosis again.

I'm sure you will do it this time - just remember you wont be on it forever and you will be able to enjoy the foods you love before you know it (that's what keeps me going).

Good luck - youve done so much already - :D


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have you heard of the JUDDD DIET ? its one day 500 kcals next go up to 2000 , its a bit like what your doing .
so on the up to 2000 you could do less .
theres a thread on here about that diet .


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S: 21st6.5lb C: 21st6.5lb BMI: 53.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm hoping this teaches me that I can still eat the foods I want but in moderation.

Once I get down to the weight I am happy at (whether that is 120lbs less than I am now) I will enjoy the things I once loved but be able to understand that what I put in to my body can be done moderately.

Also once I do get to a desired weight I will be sure to up my exercise especially if I do have a lovely meal out and eat what I want...I will be able to make it up at the gym.

The thing I am looking forward to most is just being in control.
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have you heard of the JUDDD DIET ? its one day 500 kcals next go up to 2000 , its a bit like what your doing .
so on the up to 2000 you could do less .
theres a thread on here about that diet .
yeah thats probably why you still lost - gave your metabolism a kick start each time you had a big meal, so when you were 100% it had a bigger effect

not that im condoning it! but it did work to an extent so don't put yourself down too much, you have done well - you just know you can do better, and you will!


I ♥ CD !!
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bravo, what a total honest post , at least you have faced up to it hun and brilliant weight loss to boot well done x((((((((hugs))))))))


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I can totally relate to you, well done for making a change hun x
Very honest post and actually quite motivating. I also would assume one meal or two wouldn't make a difference but like you said it clearly does. Good luck with the next WI and being 100%
Wow!! This post really hit home! Dos you write it about me?! I must admit I scent done the meal out bit, but the 'slightly large' meals, And thinking the losses won't be affected by the odd slip, totally me!

Thanks you so much for this post! Good luck with the rest of your journey!



Must do it this time
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Great post,
best of luck being 100% this week.you could lose alot of your weight by the wedding date.


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thank you all for the replies.
i feel like my head is in a much better place right now.
i am feeling very confident and feel like ive had a breath of fresh air.
how long this lasts remains to be seen :rolleyes:.
i have done the juddd diet myself 2 years ago but it wasnt for me. i stuck to it brilliantly for the first 3 weeks but then i gradually started adding a few extra up days and not levelling it out with the down days :eek:.
i am so optimistic about my weight journey right now and if just one other person is helped by this post then im twice as happy. :D
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well done for you 6 days of 100%. i find sticking to ss through to 810 easy and don't cheat at all, fear of falling out of ketosis lol. it's the higher plans that get to me and i struggle with. :(


Strong women stay slim
S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
keep your strong head going .
JUDDD diet , you gave it a go , doing the vlcd will speed up the weight ....
keep posting and saying your were 100% on your sig , to tell you and others you can do it

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