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An hours exercise 5 days a week to maintain weight loss??!!!!


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hey dont worry hun, i have not done any exercise and look at my loss :) i am just to lazy!

all i do is housework and the odd walk to the shop's :)


Flab 2 Fab!
Yeah, i'm just worried that once i start to eat normal food again i wont be able to maintain at goal (w/out 5 hours of exercise a week!) :sigh: Great losses by the way!!


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Remember though that exercise doesn't necessarily mean having to go to the gym or playing a sport.

I walk a lot. Easily an hour 7 days a week. It's exercise, but more importantly, it's a part of my day.

I walk because I like walking. I walk to the shops to get to the shops :D I don't do it to maintain my weight. I walk because it gives me the feel good factor and often doesn't take that much longer than getting the car out, finding suitable car park spaces, filling up at the garage. In fact, I was shocked that I could get to shops relatively far away in quite a short time.

So, you don't have to worry about doing that hour down the gym, unless that's what you want to do.

Find something you enjoy...not just to keep your weight down, but something that you want to do regardless.


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I walk a lot too. I have a fitbug (pedometer) and when I first got it I did about 4,000 steps a day and now I do 20,000. I do this by getting of the tube one or two stops early when I go to work, I leave home before my hubby and walk through the village and he picks me up along the way and I go for a long walk at lunch time. Good luck
I totally agree that exercising doesn't mean having to go to the gym. You could do things like housework, walking, gardening, dancing or anything that works up a bit of a sweat and raises your heart rate.

You could always start off with 30 mins 3 times a week and then build up to a level that you are comfortable with.

I intend on join the gym after CD just because i have lots of spare time to go, lol. But i only intend on going 3 times a week for a little over an hour with maybe a hour of swimming or dancing class aswell.

The best thing i could reccommend for helping to maintain your new weight is to start toning and building abit of muscle (women cant get really muscley like men because we dont have the hormones). Muscle raises your metabolism and also lets your body burn more calories when you're resting. You may find your weight go up a tiny bit because muscle weighs more than fat, but you'll look slimar because you'd have lost inches from toning.

Well thats what i intent to do :) xx

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