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An interesting fact from my doctor


I will succeed!!!
I went to the docs last night after having bad belly pains on and off for a fortnight. He wasn't sure what was wrong, so we had a chat and I mentioned being on SW.

First of all - he said SW is awesome and a 'sensible' means of weight loss because it is maintainable unlike other 'faddy diets' :D

But also, we got onto the fact I do exercise and he said that without dieting, running 70km a month will burn 1kg of weight.

I told him it sounded lots more than I would imagine for that benefit. But he said that would be on top of any muscle changes and that within that month you might see a gain in weight.

Now he did say this was based on someone in the normal BMI range who was not dieting but active and that it would be a higher or lower loss according to the person.

But thought it might be worth posting for those who have a 100% good week and no results, but do a lot of working out.

I know we all know this can happen, but it made me feel better hearing it from a doctor when discussing my health.

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:) ooo thats nice to know!
esp how annoying it is when you dont have a good loss or any loss but you have been working really hard....
peeps reminded me this morning to keep an eye on measurements too... they will show you that you are loosing fat and toning up... :)

thanks Sticky! hope things are going well for you otherwise... sorry to hear about your poorly belly though... hope it clears up soon! xx


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Thanks Sticky!
Yep - like you I had heard this before but it's kind of difficult to believe and always wondered if it was just an excuse lol. Does make it easier to believe hearing it from a doctor!
I have a sneaky feeling that that's a bit of what's happened to me this week as I've really knocked up my training a notch.
I know a Dr is a professional and all that but it actually takes a full year to gain 1lb of pure muscle and that is for those who actually work out to gain muscle. Since I introduced exercise to my diet and by exercise I do 45 mins on my treadmill at least 4 times a week my weight losses have gone loads. I have gone from losing on average 1.5lbs a week to 3 - 4 lbs a week.


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
A year to build a 1lb of muscle?? Where did you hear that?

Also it's not just the extra muscle but its the water that the muscle holds on to and things like that.
Most reliable sources do say that you should expect your weight loss to slow down initially when you start a good exercise programme - which includes both cardio and resistance work.


I will succeed!!!
He didn't say muscle gain - he said muscle changes and how the body handles going from maybe no exercise to loads of exercise.

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