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An observation - to do with babies

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I belive the difference between naturally slim people and overweight people is simple - slim people seem to approach food with an attitude of 'ill have some more later, i have had enough for now'
- overweight people seem to approach food more like - I better eat lots now, I might now get more later, even though rationaly we know we will.

Since I have had my kids I have been around babies a lot and I have noticed a similar trend in babies, most eat what they want, then stop - but some get very anxious when food is offered and then taken away, or if they are given half a banana they cry for the other half even before they have started the first half, now these babies do tend to be on the chubby side - but so are most babies before they walk. It would be interesting to follow them and see if it continues into childhood etc or is just a baby thing. Maybe some people are born with this instinct and it causes them to be overweight ????
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thats a really good observation. i hadnt even realised that i did that myself, yes i always want more NOW, never think that it'll still be there later.
I have two daughters and they have very different appetites, one has always been a fussy eater, even when she was born she wouldnt take to feeding and had to be tube fed for a few days. weaning her was abit of a nightmare and at around 18 months she seemed to not want to eat at all which was very worrying. Looking back i suppose we fell into the trap of letting her eat anything as long as she would eat and we are paying for this now. She's almost 10 and whilst she is skinny ( and tall) she would still rather eat crisps and chocolate than a sandwich, i've let it be a battle in the past but am getting more chilled about it.
My younger one is a complete contrast, will eat just about anything, almost always clears her plate and whilst she does like sweeties she knows when she's had enough and will stop which for 6 year old is brilliant, whereas big sis will keep going til she feels sick!!

i do wonder how they are gonna be when they are older

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