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Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by jools1986, 23 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. jools1986

    jools1986 Silver Member

    Hi all,

    Im an old timer to atkins, it would be presumptuous for me to assume anyone would remember me here but I still recognise some names!

    I previously lost 8 stone on atkins and vlcd but put it all back on during my first pregnancy.

    I set about losing my baby weight with atkins but life got in the way and 18 months later im 5 months pregnant with my second!

    The reason I am posting is because I plan to trawl these boards for recipes and tips etc and start stocking up on freezable things and writing up meals plans so I am more than prepared to get back on it once this one is born, because I will be needing to fit into a wedding dress pretty soon after!

    So hello and I cant wait to get going again x

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  3. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Jools Lovely to 'meet' you. I am a long-time MM forumer and did Atkins many moons ago; I came back 'here' two months ago. I love this WOE and feel so much better and leaner and thinner in a way that non-Atkins folk won't understand. Good luck with your pregnancy ... send us plenty of news please :D P x
  4. jools1986

    jools1986 Silver Member

    Hello! I will do :) im talking to my gp next week about low carbing without the ketosis to manage my weight for the last leg of pregnancy! X

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  5. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hey jools - welcome back:). Still here although i have stretches of no posting! My (1& only) DD almost 10 but i wish i knew about different woe before i had her as would have brought her up differently!

    Anyhoo - welcome back and i would highly recommend primal as a good preggie option without going too low carb. Oh yes and congrats:D
  6. jools1986

    jools1986 Silver Member

    Everytime I come back to this forum I end up pregnant just as I am about to restart!

    Ill have a look at primal. So far ive been in and out of hospital with severe morning sickness so ive only put on 4lbs but id like to keep it that way! X

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  7. poogatch

    poogatch Full Member

    Hi and welcome back :)

    I started a 6 week pre holiday atkins stint last tuesday after losing some weight eating healthy to try and get into as best shape as possible for the beach haha. Sorry to hijack your thread but you mentioned in your last thread you had found the supplier for go lower. Is there any chance you could share that with me please?
  8. jools1986

    jools1986 Silver Member

    Yes of course! can you let me know how you got on with them as I never had the chance to try them!

    Good luck

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  9. jools1986

    jools1986 Silver Member

    Im going to start a diary here even though I wont be on atkins until I give birth, but I will be keeping my carbs relatively low when I can, hope that is ok?!

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  10. serialslimmer

    serialslimmer Silver Member

    Just looked at that go lower site. PHEWWW! So expensive. I could never afford their stuff.
  11. Dietkitty

    Dietkitty Rebel without a calorie

    Hey I remember you! Congrats on you second pregnancy and good luck!
  12. Cinta

    Cinta Silver Member

    Hi Jools, Cinta here. I've been playing around with my diet for the last few months, so decided to come back on. Nice to see some 'old' faces :)
  13. jools1986

    jools1986 Silver Member

    Hey! I am still itching to get back on the atkins bandwagon and shift this baby weight once and for all!

    I'm keeping a note book for recipes amd menu ideas so I am fully prepared by the time august rolls around x

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  14. crippin

    crippin Member

    I was here sometime ago also! Cant wait to get back in shape. Nice to meet you!
  15. serialslimmer

    serialslimmer Silver Member

    I have a large regain to lose. I lost 140 pounds and alas have over the past three difficult years regained 70. I cannot bear this fat body and unhappy frame of mind! So back on the wagon now and 5 pounds lost in my first six days. Give it hell, everyone! LOL x
  16. cherl889

    cherl889 Loves this site!

    From one ole timer to another!
    Congratulations. You have a great plan to stock your freezer as will certainly have your hands full. I think a classic cb pie is a must. True Atkins comfort food ;0)

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