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And I start again! for the zillionth time


Is ON it this time!
Well been browsing on minimins for ages now, nicking recipies. But now I'm movtivated!
This time is it! I can do it!

Done SW many times before, even re-joined a group late last year but gave up before I'd even started really :(

Today is the day, Day 1! Extra easy all the way, lol

And i've been good :) so far.
Had ricepudding made with water, an an apple for brekkie, nice and stodgy.
Then the speed soup made for dinner.
Snacked on ham and muller lights!
Biggg downfall of mine is not drinking enough water, i'm a diet coke fiend! Still not had any but i'll make sure i have enough before bed.
Now for tea... have a selection of EE teas to choose from, not sure what i fancy yet but at least i know i have the ingredients.

Right.. i can do this thing. And for the school run! today i shall walk!

GL everyone x

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Is ON it this time!
now is the real test..... kids tea time.
I'm a serial picker, waffles fishcakes and veg.
Ooo i could easily nab a bit of fishcake right now.
Had a blip before, a minstrel fell in my mouth only one though and i've not had any syns yet today.

Right nearly teatime :eat: balsamic glazed chicken and paprika pot's out of the sw mag.
Not had my he's yet... hmm. Why not? lol I'll sort a scan bran cake out later to munch on probs.

Oh and i weighed myself this morning forgot to add before - but i was suprised I've not gained any weight since last time at SW class. But my mahoosive jeans dont fit? but whyy if i've not gained?????? grrr. Defo new year new me, i can do it.


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When the kids get home from school is a killer for me and I pray they don't leave any food on their plate cos I just hoover it up! So to keep me on track i eat a punnet(!!) of plums and come on here! Good luck!!


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A minstrel fell into your mouth??!! How naughty of it!!

Tea sounds yummy, not sure I'm having but it will involve last night's leftover pasta... exciting eh?!

Good luck with it, looks like you have a PMA for sure :)


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Well done for the positivity and motivation! I've done something similar re starting over. If you like soup there is a gorgeous speed soup recipe on here, easy to make, yummy and ridiculously filling! Good luck with the plan :)


Is ON it this time!
Well done for the positivity and motivation! I've done something similar re starting over. If you like soup there is a gorgeous speed soup recipe on here, easy to make, yummy and ridiculously filling! Good luck with the plan :)

Ty for the GL, defo need it!

thats the soup i made, with the mixed beans/lentils etc etc, ooo it was lovely! got heaps more to see us through. Defo always going to have a pot of free soup available to dig into as and when.

Well Day 2, woke up later today normally start work at 6am (work from home) so only grabbed a narna so far. Probs make a big brunch in a bit.

Didn't think logically for my he's yesterday :( had porrige oats and milk as a snack last night just to make sure i'd had them.

Well day 2 - considering excercise today! my big 3 kids are at their dads, and i'm not working till 6pm, so if i can convince dp to take ds3 out I'll get a dvd on, or wii fit or something.. hopefully.
We'll see maybe tomorrow, not very good at the excercise thing at the best of times!

Still feeling positive, which is good, then again its day 2. Just sick of being a heffer! really sick of it. Being 5ft tall and 5ft wide isn't a nice thing atall :sigh:
Seeing photo's of numerous chins makes me sad!
Fella said to me yesterday why start on a friday.. my answer why not??????????
Doesn't matter, weekend or no weekend, I'm going to be good and can do it this time.

I'm a rambling, but then again thats what i do in RL lolol.

Oh epic fail on the water, managed a pint, today i'll have more.



Is ON it this time!
well today going well too so far.
Still no excercise, did walk round town before but with all 4 kids, so was more of a v slow stroll! no calories burnt i guess.
nothing naughty has even fallen in my mouth :D
Had more soup for my dinner, its sooo goood! i like it alot.
Had water, so doing well with that anddddddddddd already prepared tea.
The donner kebab recipe I've read on here (so tyy to the poster for it) had a little nibble of it and mmmmm delicious, really looking foward to teatime now.

Now is optimum snacking on pap time(boredom time). So grabbed a handful of grapes and a pint of squash. Ish curbed grabbing a choc spread butty.
Big downside working from home (and in the kitchen) is just grabbing the naughty snacks.
So going to prep something to nibble on for tonights 6-12am shift. Oh why did i say i'd work a late? Don't do lates! i'm a morning gal.

Ah well onward march! I'm not hungry for rubbish its a state of mind!



Is ON it this time!
2 days 100% sw, not cheating no nothing.
Its a start and its a good start - actually the only syns i had were in my garlic sauce for my kebab... oooo interesting mr bond *goes to find a treat!

DP was sat there eating roses this evening while we were working.
I resisted. Had sweetened cous cous with chopped apple in it.
Read it on here, for a brekkie idea. Thought at 1st how rank. But it was ok! Not on a SW wouldnt touch it, lol but as a hunger pang minimizer its good!

Got some alpen lights in today for hebs blooming £ shop didnt have any did they :( on offer 2 for 3 quid in asda tho. Also got some normal weetabix for days when i 'forget' till last min about he's.

Managed more water today too :D so pleased about that. Still refrained from excercise tho, but i did get a nap mid afternoon - fair swap as I was preparing for my late shift, lol!

OK onwards to day 3 - all 4 kids at home tomorrow, and most prob baked bean lasagne for us all to eat. But its 'treat' day for them arghhhh we did promise as behaviour was good they could have treat day sunday. I shall just hide away while they eat goodies, lol.


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Well done on sticking to it so far! Good luck!


Is ON it this time!
Well done on sticking to it so far! Good luck!

aww tyvm x

Today still feeling it! I'm defo in the zone, day 3 bring it onnnnnnnnnnn!
Full cooked brekkie on a homemade hashbrown. I'm officially stuffed and satisfied!
Still loads of soup left though.. hope I get hungry later.
Bean lasagne no go for tea, had them for breakfast. So defo a re-think. Fab thing about extra easy, love the fact I can change my mind!
Still undecided though.

Kids being total ratbags driving me loony so treat day may be cancelled at this rate. That'll keep me from temptation, lol.

Onward and downwards (weight wise)

hollys nan

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Well done for keeping going!. I too struggle with drinking water, but have been doing quite well with the sparkling water, got fizz like coke thats what I say to myself anyway and it helps. I also struggle with exercise, will have to see if I have lost any this week, my first weigh in tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!


Is ON it this time!
Well done for keeping going!. I too struggle with drinking water, but have been doing quite well with the sparkling water, got fizz like coke thats what I say to myself anyway and it helps. I also struggle with exercise, will have to see if I have lost any this week, my first weigh in tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!
``'*:-:*'``'.GOOD LUCK .:*'``'*:-.
`'*:-., GL ,.-:*'``'*:-.GL.-:*'``'*:-GL.
Fingers are tightly crossed for you Hollys nan:) Hope it goes really well.

Welllllll tonight for tea - mushy pea curry!
made it, then fried off chicken, and then re-heated the curry over the chicken.
MASSIVE HIT from all 6 of us! the baby, well toddler! wolfed it down faster than everyone else! (better hit than the cous cous i shared yesterday! he looked like tom hanks off big, the bit where he's scraping his tongue)
Only thing I would do its make it a bit more spicy for me and him. Delicious though - looked vile, lol but mmmmm.

Thats another reason I love SW food we can all eat. My lot prefer 'proper' food to freezer suprise, but sometimes its easier to shove nuggets chips and peas on a plate.

No excercise again today :( butt seen as i'm in the mindset i'll dig out that 10min work out dvd and do 1 maybe 2 before i start work - again another +working from home, roll outta bed.. grab drink, stick dvd on work out, plonk bottom back down to work!

Right day 4! do your worst! I'm ready for ya come and get meee!


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I tried the mushy pea curry the last time I was on plan, and I don't think I was that impressed... Think I'm going to have to give it another go, cos everyone on here seems to love it!!

I have kinda resigned myself to not getting a lot of exercise in until the days become longer and it's not so dark and miserable all the time!!


Is ON it this time!
oooo do laura, its lovely! just make sure you spice it the way you like it, i used loads of different ones, and it was v mild but v tasty!

Well day 4...
not hungry!
Got up for work.. late! well too late for a dvd - supriseee!
had a narna
then nothing till i finished at 9am, made that ricepud again, actually managed to mix a muller into it this morn, mmm was niceee!
then a plum- was gonna be more till i realised how sour they were, put me off!
So ontop of me rice pud i've had an alpen and 3 crab sticks and am just not hungry.
If i dont eat i won't loose.
He's had a whopping dinner - prawns muscles adn crabsticks
followed by 2 hugeee spuds, with the left over curry on 1 and cottage cheese on the other and some side salad..
You just know his loss will be better than mine next week and i will cwyyy!

stir fry for tea, has to be got 2 masive veggie pack things from morrisons! gotta be eaten, going to hunt for a scrummy sauce nowish and then decide on a meat to add into it.

not 'feeling' it today, i'm being good, not strayed, still loving the fact i'm following it.
but not all pumped up as i have been the past few days.
it'll come back, i just know it, just a pffffffffffffffffft day :eek: its caus its monday thats why! yes yes it is thats my excuse adn i'm sticking to it


Is ON it this time!
dunno whats up with me today, so lethargic.
Wasnt hungry at lunchtime, so made some veggie sticks to snack on if i got peckish while working, wasnt peckish so much but still had eaten half the box before finishing my shift.
had left over rice pud from this morn for my tea, and nibbled on a apple tarty thingy. Not sure of the syns, but i've got loads of syns anyway.
I know you're not supposed to stock pile but i've not hit 15 a day every day so enough for a little treat, not going to beat myself up about it and I'm still on plan caus its in my synnage.

4 days off 100% optimising is good!
no.. its REALLY good, so why am i so 'meh' today.

Early to bed tonight for sure. New day tomorrow.
Aim of Tuesday - to unmeh oneself!
(and to get to day 5 of 100% on plan, lol)



Is ON it this time!
found today really hard :sigh:
making kids brekkie, ceral and crumpets - i just wanted to devour a packet of crumpets.
Then i wanted cake, biscuits, chocolate - anything naughty and lots of it. Main thing tho - I DIDNT!
Thought if i'm that munchy in the morning scan bran is the way to go to fill me up - so made a scan bran cake.
Cut it into little bits and grazed on it throughout the morning.
Lunch was veggie sticks again, with some seafood sticks, that needed eating.
Had more water today tho which is good - well.. much needed due to the scanbran.
Stir fry for tea and even tho I had an afternoon nap after work (utterly cream crackered) I'm having an early night so i dont reach for the naughties.

Not sure why today was so hard. I wasn't hungry. Just wanted to stuff my face utterly for no reason.
Very proud of myself for not doing like, but still... after being so postive, its like i'm letting myself down not being perky.
It is 'that' time of the month i suppose could be that... no - we can lay blame on anything.. I just wanted to slip into my old ways.
Stir fry is being cooked by the mister and smells gorgeous.
Syn free sauce he's made, 2 types of soy, garlic powder, ginger powder and chinese 5 spice. Test is in the eating!
He's just tasted a bit - says you cant really taste the sauce. But it smells nice, lol
Pudding mullers, and an options made with milk for my heA.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring. Only 3hrs at work tomorrow. So not stuck in the same seat in the kitchen for 9hrs straight. Tip run I think is needed, well that'll burn about 10 calories, lol


Is ON it this time!
perkier today :)
good start!
speaking to someone in work and said skipping is a good form of excercise *goes to find dd's skipping rope!
They do it with a pedometer and do 2000 skips in 20mins...
Not sure if thats do able!
Not sure if 20mins is doable tbh! But I said i'd try, start with 5mins then build it up.
Actually... can i still skip! been a longggggggg time since I last did it, and i'm not sure if the flibby flob up and down will be a nice effect - nor sight!
Well worth a shot at some point.

one of the kids slept out last night at the ex's made the morning easier! ds1 was still up at 5.15 before my alarm again:mad::mad:
but he didnt annoy me too much tbf! he's 5 and has homework to do but he's very behind with reading and writing, and detests doing anything involving it - maths or drawing is a doddle and he'll wizz through it. DD also was nice this morning, read me 2 books for her book challenge while I was tippy tapping away working. Baby just slept, lol got up at 9.15 when i'd finished work, lol.
Makes a whole load of difference just 1 child being awol- and I'm broody because?????????? 4 bio kids = enough hard work, lol.

Right today aims...
*To retain positivity
*Make another day 100% on plan with no slips :devilangel:
hehe like that smilie!
*to not be a grumpy bum to him and the kids!
* do a teeeeeny bit of excercise, even if just 10mins.

I can do it..
report back later:fingerscrossed:



Is ON it this time!
Diet wise :D good day! not eaten enough though.
Skipped brekkie :eek: but its the only morning of the week I get off, so sorta slept in a bit. Then school run and straight out shopping for a new hard drive and some other bits.
I WAS STARVING!! tummy rumbles the lot.
So after picking ds3 up from nursery, I spied half the homity pie that was left from last night...
Added some tinned sketti and quorn sausge, seen as I ate the half a pie it was decided then green day!
Ate at what 12.30, had a kip again, just so tired atm :( every afternoon I'm pooped. Dunno whats wrong and I know 1000000% i'm not duffers! so its not that.
But its now what 6pm. Still not hungry. Think i may have overdone lunchtime! lol.
I'll think of summink between now and bedtime, i'll get a rumbly, pasta salad possible idea. Ooo yes pasta salad, ooo and heb of chicken, and and and, lol. Or a jacket spud oo options are endless. SW is infact ace!

Lol fella was trying to tempt me, outside comet there is a greasy burger van I LOVE GREASY BURGERS FROM BURGER VANS! but me, being angelic atm - just said no! I just rumbled that little bit longer and am so glad i resisted! *polishes halo :D

Weigh in tomorrow morning - am i nervous??
Well yep! Been a perfect week optimising wise - but will it show? That is the question.

It didn't last time really, or i was taking the very very scenic route and i wasn't in the zone either tbf. But this time i'm on it! lol



Is ON it this time!
2.5 lbs off - never to be seen again :)
If i'm honest wanted more for a 1st week - buttttt its still a loss its not a sts, not a gain.
its actually 2lb 8oz off but thought i'd round it as scales would do.. actually i should've rounded down, ah well! lol. Actually still perky!
Anddd can resist now, which is a big milestone for me.
Didnt even sniff ds1's crumpet this morning, lol.