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and I was doing so well .....


Just doing it this time
had had only 2.5 syns up to 5.30 pm'ish. DH said 'hows about a SW quickie cheesecake' - the one with 2 alpen light bars (heb or 6 syns) & 2 white choc options in quark. We were hungry so I made a double (pigs that we are!) - and each cheesecake worked out at 10 syns each (huge amount though) - but it was OK we had the syns.

Why oh why though did I HAVE TO GO AND EAT another 3 alphen lights - 3 syns each - gone over today now, so will have to be mega good over the weekend.

Good luck to you all - weekend munching ! make it a good choice.
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dont worry too much about it just flexi syn you know what syns you have had and you have stayed in control of it rather than thinking sod it and eating things you dont know the syn value of

draw a line in it .. tomorrows another day x
Hey its easy done, too easy in my case! Like missyxx said draw a line under it and start again better to have a few extra syns rather than think....aww stuff it i've blown it already pass me the chocs/alcohol/cake etc! Men don't help either my OH wants me to have a drink tomoz when we go watching a Queen tribute band, its in a theatre with not much of a bar(only sell bottles beer/wine)but i put my foot down i would rather drive and save my syns for food lol, not sure he gets it really , i wouldn't mind he doesn't really drink anyway! got sunday night pud sorted anyway.....alpen light cheesecake nom nom x


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Easy done. Is there a link to the recipe - sounds divine
Oh now that sounds a lovely recipe :) I'm the same, if the alpen lights or fibre plus bars are in the house they are generally eaten on the same day as they were bought, occasionally the box may last 2 days!


Just doing it this time
its a recipe (IF you can call it that really) off a fellow SW'er off another site - we have it 3 times a week now because it tastes just like a New York Cheese Cake (with a little bit of imagination 'blush')-

2 alpen light bars = 1 heb or 6 syns.
1 tub of quark.
2 white choc option sachets = 4 syns.

total 10 syns for the cheesecake or 1 heb and 4 syns.

chop up the alpen light bars as small as you can - and put into a small dish (about 5" x 3" and press down as much as you can.

mix the choc options into the quark really well and then spoon with a teaspoon over the top of the base and then smooth all over -

5 minutes tops - and it tastes LOVELY !
Cool - thanks for that :) Will definitely be giving this a go!

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