And i was doing so well....

mrs lilly

:( On day 2 of SS and had my 3 packs today and H was having pizza (selfish got icon here) and I ate 9 raw button mushrooms from out of the fridge:( :( And i was in ketosis too as the stick had gone pink when I wee'd on it earlier this afternoon.
Don't give up yet - mushrooms are mostly water so you might still be in ketosis. So don't head for the chocolates quite yet!Can you test again - have you got more ketostix?
and don't beat yourself up - we all have our moments!:)
WEll done for resisting the pizza thats all I can say! Don't beat yourself up about the mushrooms, even if they knocked you out, I bet youll be back in ketosis by the morning. Drink loads of water to compensate!
Dont worry about it!!!

Good Luck for the rest of the week. xx
Ahh Miss Lilly,
no fret, put the matter behind you, and carry on... Musherooms are low carb so I'm sure wouldnt have put you out of ketosis....

Keep shaking, you'll be fine - no more tho musherooms tho!! :D
Ahh thnaks for this - made me feel loads better and off to have a big glass of water to help flush out any damage I have done.
Mrs Lily,
The VLCD are very hard to follow. You really need to be completely in the zone. Tomorrow is another day. Keep strong and before you know it the weight will be dropping off. You really have not done any harm to the diet BUT you need to be off convential food for it to be a success. I am on lighter life which is different to CD. So maybe my advice is not the best.
Go and gulp lots of water and concentrate on tomorrow.
I wish you lots and lots of slimmers luck. Go girl you can do it.
Well done for being so honest!!
i dont mean to be nagative in any way but if you realy get that sensation that you need to EAT, what is best to avoid totally ruining the diet?

i know last time i done it i got very bad cravings for toast, butter and marmalade!! not good, loads of carbs!!

any help
if i really feel i need to eat i have an extra from wrigleys though if chewing gum makes u hungry its best to avoid them