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And off I go....


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I've decided to join in and try and keep a weight loss diary in an attempt (no...negative self-defeating language already...) as a WAY of helping me carry on with the SW plan.

I've reached an all time high for me, and I feel pretty rubbish about it so I'd like to lose about a stone to get back to where I comfortably bob about, and when I reach that point, carry on until I get somewhere I feel fantastic to be....probably about another stone after that.

Doesn't sound much? Maybe not to you dedicated folk who have this incredible willpower and discipline to continue week after week even when the scales are mean to you, knowing you'll get there in the end, but for me if I don't lose half a stone in a week then I'm a failure, the diet's a failure and my jeans and my scales cease to become inanimate objects and become my mortal enemies. Bit pathetic no?

So, new leaf. I want to get pregnant with my second child, and I want to feel great when I turn 30 (next month) and a crash diet based on bacon and processed cheese won't help with that at all. Slimming World, with its fantastic eating plan will.

So I'm going to blog a little about it, not loads because I don't do much on a day to day basis, and I'm no chef so my menu plans won't make interesting reading, but if I keep this up, and on the weeks when I've tried really hard and the scales don't show a loss - if just one of you out there could refer me back to this post, and help me to break the destructive habits which have dominated the last 15 years of my life....it will have been worth it.:D

On another note, am considering weighing myself in just kilograms.... they mean absolutely nothing to me and don't carry the connotations that stones and pounds do for me.... just a thought.

Wish me luck.....no, better than that...wish me willpower!!;)
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Good luck i'll look forward to following your progress xx


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not a great day so far today, couldn't fall asleep til half five this morning so slept through alarm and was half an hour late for work, not good when one of your jobs is a personal carer to someone who is waiting for you to turn up and help them!!

Needless to say didn't have time for breakfast, so managed to scoff down two bananas and didn't get lunch til three, which was a pasta 'n' sauce. Now have come home and my two year old is inexplicably furious with absolutely everything I do..... think a three foot high cross between Victor Meldrew and Gordon Ramsay. He has point blank refused the lovely dinner I cooked for him and demanded my last (precious!) muller light yoghurt, so I've admitted defeat and crept off to the sofa with a milky way and copy of Closer to sulk. Not sure what Super-nanny would say but this feels the safest way to parent at the moment. Needless to say am feeling less than motivated to exercise tonight, if Gillian Michaels started shouting at me to 'suck it up' or lying again about how many reps we have left, I might throw a dumbell at her. Then I'd not only be bad-tempered, tired and sweaty, I'd also have a broken telly.

Perhaps just a hot bath....
Start again tomorrow maybe

On a plus side haven't gone off diet rails..... haven't had a bloody chance yet :)


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Ha! just found a great virtual model website which enabled me to create an avatar of my current weight and at my goal weight - really inspirational. Am having a good day food wise, but am sadly sat on laptop looking through this site rather than doing any exercise......bit counter-productive really.


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first weigh in!

well have lost 7lbs - which is great. I know most of it is water weight in the first week (and have been spending a large amount of time in bathroom to prove it) but am still really happy and motivated to continue with Slimming World and not jump back onto Atkins for a quick fix like I usually do - this time have got to build up a good store of vitamins, minerals etc so that when ,if, fingers and toes tightly crossed (knees not so:p) I become preggersI won't be completely worn out by it in the first few weeks.

going to set myself some goals for this week to keep me going....

1: do shred 5 times - 2 x level 1, 2 x level 2 and 1 x level 3

2: cook at least one new SW recipe (so i don't turn into vegetable pasta, which is all i seem to cook)

3: erm.... not try on little black dress 6 times a day to see if zip has magically decided to do itself up, like in a disney cartoon. I don't need to wear it till end of December so put it BACK IN THE WARDROBE!!

ho hum, onwards and downwards,


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Just survived a night shift in which not only were sweets lying around in abundance, but someone had actually brought in a chinese takeaway for all the staff as they were celebrating something. I didn't eat any of it but cooked my low fat super noodles and stir fry veg and sat down with them to eat and felt fine about it. Got lots of strange reactions though..... 'what is THAT?!??' as though it was the weirdest martian dish in the world and certainly not almost identical to the chow mein they were eating. I do hope I never scrutinise what someone chooses to eat as closely as that, made me feel quite uncomfortable (and didn't seem fair....they were the ones chomping down deep-fried prawns and sausage at 2am!!).

Anyway, only one night shift a week to get through, but they've got to be one of the toughest times for me. Nothing says eat me more than a large mound of white toast, butter and marmalade at four in the morning - a conference pear just doesn't hit the spot quite the same :(
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