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And so the journey begins......again!


On a Mission!
Hi All, not sure if there is anyone still on here who will remember me from days gone by - I have just logged on and decided to commit myself to this before I even have a look about to catch up with whats been going on.

So, here I am - restarting after a year or more off Cambridge (Big Mistake!!) and with all my weight back on (all 4st 10lbs that I lost in 2008 /09) plus an extra cheeky wee new stone on top of that to keep my returned fat company! So - I now have 8st 1lb to lose, a whole 113lbs of lard to shift, and I am determined to do it this time, no excuses, no messing around, no more fat!

Day 1 is going well so far, have drank what feels like gallons of water, my poor bladder is working harder than it has in a long time and I am wearing a hole in the carpet between my desk and the loo but my god does it feel good to be back on the Cambridge wagon!

I'm hugely embarassed to have gained all that weight again and was in 2 minds about logging on here and publicly admitting my shame, but I did it before and I can do it again so I have updated my stats and am just going to try and forget where I was before and concentrate on this journey and making a success of it.

The last few months have been so miserable with carrying about so much extra weight and I just dont want to feel like this any more. I know Cambridge works and I know how great I am going to feel when I see the lbs melting away so this is it, my restart starts here.
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Hi Deb, you can do it hun.
Its hard to restart, but you know what the benefits are and they feel so much better than the way your feeling now. Day 21 for me, i just starting to come out of other side of all the crappy feelings.
Good luck


On a Mission!
Thanks Karen - well done on reaching Day 21 and well done on your losses so far - reminds me of why I'm doing this - great losses with little effort - other than the effort of resisting, of course!! Ok, rephrase that, great losses with massive effort!!!
Yes, it is a massive effort. I have been reading CD book (by founder) he makes it sound like a sinche. He just said that you may experience headaches, dizziness, tiredness. But drink more water.

He does not state that you will feel like death (like i did on my 4th day) and that you might be prone to murder because you are so narky! He does not say anything about bad moods, the sense of urrggh that you feel at all. Or anything about why you smell random bits of food at awkward times, last nights was mince cobbler? not had that since winter???

Infact, if you read it first before you did the diet you would think that it was as easy as pie.


On a Mission!
Haha, drink more water is the answer to everything on CD!! Makes me laugh cos the last thing you really want is more water - I've had 3 litres today and have pee'd non-stop - am like a water balloon - any more and I think I'd burst!!

However, have had no inclination to eat food and have made it through day 1 unscathed - well so far I have and I cant see me falling off the wagon now - feel too good about getting day 1 over.
How's it going Deb? How you feeling?


On a Mission!
Hey Karen, am feeling good so far thanks. 2 days done and onto the 3rd, although day 4 and 5 are my sticky ones - gonna try not to think about that though and just plough through - wee sneaky step on the scales this morning and 8lbs off :eek: in 2 days so am well chuffed!! :D

Hows you?
Hi Deb, i ok. Getting through, just bored know what i mean? I done 20lbs now though and this is my fourth week i on.

Thats right, take it one day at a time, maybe plan an early night on day 4 i didn't even have the strength to have a bath first? That was my total worst day, then day 5 was like it never happened.

Keep going hun, you know you can do it.
Deb, i weigh myself every morning, even the founder of the diet says that there is no reason you shouldn't because you are experiencing alot of weight loss and it is the only thing that spurs you on (to see benefits) when you are being so strong.


On a Mission!
Totally agree Karen, I weighed myself every day when I did this the last time and my CDC encouragesd me to - as you say its the one thing that really spurs you on to keep going. Had decided to try not to this time, just for a wee change, but i couldnt resist this morning and that'll be me back to daily checks on the weight now - its amazing to see it fall off so quickly and definitely a great motivator.

You are doing fantastic!!! I mean, can you imagine any other diet that you'd lose 20lb in 4 weeks on - gawd it took me about 3 months on Scottish Slimmers to lose that!!!

Off to start a wee diary now - I've had a read at some others and I didnt do it last time but maybe this time it will help me to keep going when I feel bad if I can look back at how I feel in the early days when I'm so positive. Will give it a go anyway and see.
Hi Deb, let me know where you post, and please feel free to post on mine. I have tried to fill in every day, and have mostly even it its not that interesting (alot of the time it isn't). But at least others know that it can be done. The only thing driving me to be honest is my holiday.

I been trying clothes on this morning, another 1/2 stone and i will be in my 16s without a muffin top hopefully?


On a Mission!
Hi Karen, I posted my diary on the CD weight loss diaries thread - kinda got myself in a tizz about it now cos i just flung down everything i was thinking and am now not so sure i should have been so "sharing".

I cannot wait to be back to 16's - muffin top hanging over or not - lol!! The final straw for me was realising that I could no longer squeeze into an 18 and realistically even a 20 was a push - I absolutely refuse to buy any bigger clothes so will now look forward to going back down the sizes and rediscovering over half of my wardrobe - including my jeans which I havent been able to get into since the start of the year!

Off to have a read at your diary now - but must go for a wee first :( - again!
Hey Deb, i just read your diary.

We are very similar in our relationship to food. It's never let us down! Its made us happy and made us sad. It brings back memories of childhood and lots of other hopefully happy social occasions in our lives.

My relationship with food stems from childhood, there were 6 of us (kids) and the only time we sat down together as a family was tea time, so it comforts me and makes me feel safe. I am a feeder and i try to feed anyone who comes to my house.

How you feeling now?


On a Mission!
Feeling ok today thanks Karen, cant change the past, can only shape the future and am hoping my future shape aint the same one i have just now!!!

I think the whole food / comfort issue is common for most people with weight problems - its a vicious circle - eat for comfort, feel fat and disgusted at ourselves so eat more to block that out - and so it goes on. If only we could find something that makes us feel as good as food DID :D but with zero calories and lots of comfort! :sigh:

How you doing today?
Maybe we found it, its just not socially acceptable to do it in restaurants ha ha ha x


On a Mission!
Haha, luv it!!!! No, thats generally not acceptable in public places - sadly :p
How you doing Deb?


On a Mission!
Doing great thanks Karen, week one out the way already - god it flew by!

How you doing this week? Whens your weigh in day?
HI Deb,

WI tomorrow, struggling today, i just want to eat eat eat eat, for some unknown reason i would kill for fish and chips and it has to be that!


On a Mission!
Nooooooo, dont do it Karen, I know you wont but I'm just making sure ;)

Just think of the chisp when they go cold, all conjealed and greasy - bleugh!! A nice ide cold shake would be so much nicer.

Good luck with WI tomorrow - not that you'll need it chick, you'll be grand. Let me know how you go.

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