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And the journey begins...


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A very big good luck babystar, we will be holding thumbs that your 1st week is not to bad.
good luck on your exante journey hun ima sure you will do rellii welll :D


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My first week was almost as easy as the second. No headaches, just felt a little faint a couple of times. My flask of herbal tea and water keep me going mainly.

I wish you all the luck and hope your first week passes with as much ease as possible x
thanks everyone! so far so good. just had a vanilla shake with a spoonful of coffee in.....tasted kind of like a really milky latte...not bad at all! its dinner time tonight im dreading cos im not a soup person so we'll see how i cope with that.

oh and its my birthday today...what a day to start eh lol
aww happy bdayy hun!! :d
yh the vanilla is kinda relii milkyy the choc one is slightly better...the veg soup is quite nyc and realyl filling espec if you put the soup in a cup then a bowl...:D
and use a spoon so it kinda makes you think you are eating something rather then drinking the soup hun :d


Are We There Yet?
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I cook my soup in a pan and add herbs and spices to make it feel like a meal. Really works for me :)


What a present to yourself. A promise to be the weight you want to be. Imagine what next years birthday will be like!:)
Yeah isis thats what i keep telling myself...that this tim next year my bday pressie to myself will be a nice new wardrobe lol.

Oh good....glad the veg soup is ok. On cambridge diet the soups were rank...so im hoping the exante ones are bettr lol xxx
yeah i never really liked the soups on cd either..no the veg soup is nyc not too syre about the others though i am sure can let you know in the taste :)


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There's a sticky that tells you what each pack tastes like. But it's a very personal thing. I had the soups every evening in my first week with no probs. Then just the thought of them made me want to hurl. I really stressed for 2 days at the thought of having to have them as I'd bought the bumper variety pack. Then I thought 'sod it' I'm not suffering by having something I don't like and ordered a bumper pack of shakes only. I'm much happier for making that decision.
Totally think its down to personal taste eh.....i seen the sticky about the taste of packs, thanks!

I like the shakes so far but i would struggle not having a hot "meal" at night if you know what i mean lol xx

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Happy Birthday !!!:birthday::bday:
And like you and Isis both said.. what an amazing birthday pressie knowing that next year you will be the you .. you want to be.. phew lots 'yous' there hehe

Good luck on this, the very first step of your journey ... fingers crossed that you will sail through your first week.. but try not to be down hearted if you don't.. a few of us had toughies.. and yuck days those first seven. I promise it does get easier, and this little group is so so important in getting each other through those times.. Good and bad! Giggles or Rant!

It is sooo exciting though!! Imagine this time next year!

I still get all jiggly opening my space packs.. I think its the magpie in me.. 'oohh shiny!'
I have to say I was a little nervous of trying the different flavours for the first time, but hand on heart none are horrid. :sign0137:Using tips like adding spices herbs and coffee etc really is a great way of pepping them up.. and I am sure a lot of people will offer you some tips.. there is a thread on making the packs mmmm but no one loves it :( sob sob hehe

Good luck today!!!


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