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and the points is????


weighs a lot less
well just back from my weigh in and im really annoyed.I have not cheated and ive even upped the exercise,i go the gym at least 3 times a week and then walk home after which takes nearly an hour and i do an exercise dvd as well ,and how do i get rewarded with a 1.5lb loss this just takes the p155,the only thing i have done that i could possibly think has caused this problem is changed my toothpaste ,good luck everyone else hope you all do better than me
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Lillie dont worry it will even out - To be honest ive given up on the scales im dont care what I weigh Im now going on how I look. Easier said than done I know
Lillie, it's a weight loss!!! Don't forget with all the excerise your probably toning and loosing inches!!!


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Muscle honey?? Youve been at the gym a while now so would have toned loads of muscle and it will weigh more! Just look at your arms!!!! xxxxxxxxx


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Lil, You have done so fab.....and going to the gym! Bluddy Well Done!

Lisa xx


weighs a lot less
im seriously considering refeeding,everyone around me thinks i look fab but they have all said recently that i have turned into a really moody and sometimes horrible person ,my mum has just phoned me from work begging me to start the refeed as she thinks if i keep going im gonna cause problems between me and dave,we have done nothing but argue recently and we very rarely do and LT has got to be the thing causing it as nothing else has changed,im just really scared about putting weight on and i did really want to get to 12 on LT but whats the point of being thin and not beong a nice person ,what do i do ????


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Well done on your loss pet. You are not far off target. You could refeed for a wk, then follow refeed days 4-7 for a while or do 2 maintenance & 1 low fat meals if you wanted. Other posters have proved that this works. You have done amazingly well.


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start weight 17stone 9lbs

week1 - 11lbs
week 2 -7lbs
week 3 -5lbs
week 4 -6lbs
week 5 -3.5lbs
week 6 -5lbs
week 7 -5lbs
week 8 -3.5lbs
week 9 -2lbs not worth cheating!!
week10 -6lbs
week 11-4lbs
week 12-3lbs
week 14 -1.5lbs stopped smoking
current weight 12stone 5.5lbs
Your weight loss of 5st. 3.5lb in 16 weeks

is fantastic!!!

1.5lb at this stage is still a very good weight loss, well done!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


Says it as it is!!!
Lil you really have done well you loss over all is amazing!!!!!!
But, if you feel you need to eat i have a plan you could do to keep you in keotosis after your refeed if you want it?
At the end of the day hunni.....if its making you feel down maybe you need a break? and you are well into exercise now so fingers crossed you will do fab as well as eating


Says it as it is!!!
And also if you look at your weight loss you have had a slower week followed by a higher loss there is a pattern hunni x


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First off, 1.5lbs when you are so far into it and with little left to lose, I think is still fab! Secondly, I can't see the 12stone 5lbs in you from your picture! You don't look near that, so you are obviously toning as well. If you refeed and keep to a good diet and keep exercising you will probably find the last few lbs will creep off slowly.

I can only comment from how you look and I think you look amazing. If it was me I wouldn't be too upset about the last few lbs when you look so well. It is time to start enjoying being the new you with your family. But cheer up! You have had an amazing journey to get to where you are now and should be dead proud!!! I don't know you but I am proud of you anyway!!!! (Losses like yours keep me going! So thanks for that!)
I agree with everyone hun..1.5 lbs is great especially as from what I can see you really don't need to lose anymore. Plus Muscle weighs more than fat so if you are building muscle that could be the reason. Don't be upset, really think about it hun, refeed only if you want to. You are a great help and thinspiration to everyone on here. We are all here for you too. You have done amazingly well so chin up and make your next move!!!!


weighs a lot less
thanks everyone,i think i need to sit and discuss this with my family,i know that it is my decision but if LT is starting to effect everyone else then its only fair they should get to say their piece, dont want to end up thin and unhappy xx
Lil - dont be disheartened hun - its a loss after all. I think we come to expect the losses to always be big when doing LT. I bet you have lost inches and toned up this week even though you have not lost so much on the scales. Look at your overall weight loss hun - bloody brilliant!! You have done amazing and giving up the fags too - more than I can do! Maybe its all that muscle you have built up - it does weigh more. Perhaps you could try refeed and see how you get on with it, you wont gain weight if you do it properley.

AND you are a nice person, you have always been so helpful and supportive to others including me :)

Good luck with whatever you decide hun but I think you will be fine, Im sure your family love you just the way you are xx
Im with mini and everyone else pet its still a loss. We must be twins Lilo Im the most moody bad tempered person at the moment lol.
Now come here and giz a hug:hug99:x
I agree with everyone, you were the first post I ever read and it's the one I always come back to when I need a push. So a huge big Thank you from me x


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Are you still off the cigarettes? Maybe that's why you're moody and horrible. My mum nearly went back on cigarettes after she gave them up because one night she made my brother and me both cry, and she felt like she couldn't be a good mother as a non-smoker. We tole her we'd rather she be a B***H for a few months and have her around to babysit her future grandkids!!!
Lipotrim and quitting smoking has to be trying mentally. Give yourself a break. Ask your family to support you a little longer, even if you're a pain! It'll be worth it.
I agree with the others re your small loss being muscle!


weighs a lot less
im still not smoking and have no intention of starting again,ive started a thread to explain my plans hun xx

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