Andi's time to get serious diary!!!


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Hey everyone!

I've been doing Slimming World since the beginning of October 2009, and so far have lost 3 stone 3 lbs (at last weigh in).

Now I'm back on working shifts, I can't go to weigh in every week :cry: and sometimes find that tricky!!

So I have decided to kick myself up the bum and stop 'playing' about with this!! I have very much taken the 'scenic route' to losing the weight I have done so far. I have tried planning meals out - but it doesn't work for me!!!!

I'm back to following green days as I find them easier and they work for me :D.

I have set myself a mini goal of getting my 3.5 stone sticker (so losing 4 lbs) by 1st Feb - 2 weeks from my last weigh in.

So anyway, off to sort out my little box room in a bit so I can get to my cross trainer / exercise bike and USE IT!!!!!!!! May also start back on my C25K soon as well - I did 3 weeks of that last year and really enjoyed it. Also last week me and my friend (who wants to tone up) went to a circuit at the gym - it was good fun!!

So, fingers crossed :asskick:this will work and I can get to my target by my birthday in September!!!

Andi x
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S: 13st7.0lb G: 10st0lb
Well, just made the yummiest soup for dinner!! It was a brocolli and blue cheese one (and I'm not a fan of mouldy cheese!!)

Dead easy too - chopped up and softened an onion and added it to a chopped potato, head of brocolli and 500ml of vegetable stock. Cooked it all until veg soft, blitzed it and stirred in 5 Laughing Cow blue cheese squares, boshed in some salt and pepper - yummy!!! (with 3 slices WW bread to dunk in!). Just had a bag of Special K mini breaks for a bit of sweetness - and soon will be off to sort out the box room (when my tummy doesn't feel as full!)


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I made that soup last week, but with regular cheese instead because I don't like blue cheese either... It was tasty but I think I used too much stock as it was a bit watery. Ah well, making soup is a novelty for me, so I shall be getting plenty practise in the near future!!

Well done for being so motivated, sounds like you are well up for it!! xx


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S: 13st7.0lb G: 10st0lb
Well, since my last 'entry' I have lost another 3 lbs (total loss now 3 stone 6 lbs), and really want another 1 lb for my 3.5 stone sticker on Tuesday.

I am also trying to stop smoking!! I am now on day 5 fag free :D. It's strange - I think I am so conscious that I MAY put on weight, that I want to stick to SW more than normal!!!!!!