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Andrea's Diary (Fraggle1805)

Well I have loved posting for the last 2 days so decided to start my own diary which I planning to update every day to keep me on the straight and narrow. I am putting all my reasons on here and hoping when I have a dark moment can look back on as a reminder so here goes.

To prove everyone including myself wrong and do it for myself
To shop somewhere other than plus size clothes stores
To feel attractive and to look in the mirror and be proud of what I see
To have energy and not to have to pretend that the smallest journey can leave me out of breath
To not be worried about fitting in seats on planes, theme park rides etc
To show my daughter a healthy lifestyle and not mess up her eating habits
To not constantly feel like I am worth nothing.
To be NORMAL!!!

I have strayed on my food diary and had my first side effect today and now don't remember why. Plus I actually don't know how long after you have eaten something you have the side effect so food diary has started again and I have had a cold for the last week so no exercise but determined to do 20 mins on my air walker tonight.

Very motivated at the min!
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Hi Fraggle and well done on starting the diary. Side effects can take anything from hours to days to show themselves so it really depends on you and your body.

KB x
Ha I suppose I will discover over time how things affect me. Never mind, here's to not many more side affects!!!
Well plans didn't go so well last night and I got home from work to discover we had a huge leak so didn't get chance to exercise as planned. Feeling guilty so cancelled the lunch I had planned today and going window shopping instead. Surely all that walking can be classed as exercise ha ha.


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Well plans didn't go so well last night and I got home from work to discover we had a huge leak
Oh noooo, I can sympathise with you there. I had a similar thing happen a few weeks, and it really is a pain. Luckily I was in the house at the time, otherwise the water would have definitely brought the ceiling down!
Is there much damage at your place? Hope it's not too serious.

Feeling guilty so cancelled the lunch I had planned today
Oh no! :( I really admire your motivation, but don't forget that it's still important to live your life, and have the occasional treat. This is a lifestyle change, rather than a short-term fix, so don't deprive yourself too much, or you may end up feeling resentful of the whole thing!
Exercise will boost your weight loss, but missing a session isn't going to harm things too much.
I'm ashamed to say that I lost 8 stone previously, without ever making an effort to exercise! I'm not proud of that obviously, and I know a lot of people do find that they need to exercise to see good weigh-losses, but I just didn't want you beating yourself up for missing a session :)

Hope you have a good day today...enjoy the window shopping!
Feel better for cancelling the lunch yesterday and did enjoy the shopping. My friends all came round for dinner last night as well and cooked a big healthy meal for 6 of us which everyone enjoyed (well they said they did). I am actually going out for a meal on Saturday for my birthday so just didn't want to go out for 2 really as I wouldn't normally do that in an average month anyway! Did do a sneaky midweek way in yesterday as weigh day is Tuesday and was pleased with results so will keep me going. Hope everyone else is having good days!
Well 2lbs off which is great but am a little disappointed. I know I haven't done as well this week. Missed some days of exercise and missed some days of writing things down but very focused again now.
2lbs is fantastic in a week - that would be 8 lb in a month which is half as stone and after 6 months would be 3 stone lost so feel good and proud and it is best to lose slowly than quickly so chin up and as Kitty said onwards and downwards. Anyway just think it could have been 2lbs on !!!!!!!
Well I am back after being missing for my birthday. I missed my weigh in on Tuesday this week but will be back weighing in and Tuesday and have my first weigh in at the doctors on Friday so hopefully I will have done well. I know I will have put weight on during my birthday weekend so instead of getting weighed an getting down I decided to get back on track first and I am now and enjoying it again. Also got EA active for my wii for my birthday with I love so much. So all is good and hopefully the weight is coming off again
Well was starting to feel a bit down as weighed myself yesterday as am 19 stone 1 still. Which I suppose is good as I know I put on weight over my birthday weekend but could now kick myself for letting loose. Am determined not to do it again. I have my one month review with the doc on Friday and am hoping for a 10lbs loss. Now I know that is good in a month but suppose I am just impatient as we all are I think. In fairness I have only used 3 weeks worth of tablets as struggled to have 3 meals a day at first, then was ill and missed a lot of exercise and then had my birthday off but I think with all those little things I haven't felt that focused so hoping for a better month this month. Am enjoying the exercise though and doing more than I ever had and I did my measurements when I started and have just done again and was really pleased with them at least.
Waist was 47 inches and now 45
Hips were 60 inches and now 58
Upper arms were 16 inches each and still are but happy with that as all my weight is on my bottom half
Upper thigh was 34 inches each and now 33

So the measurements are good but I need to be really focused this month and keep the momentum up!!!! Also no side effects at the min so doing well with diet. Anyway enough ranting, just trying to keep myself on track rambling on here!
Bit of an update before I start again on Monday, now have more motivation as will have loads more time with family and friends once I start new job in 7 weeks and have a uniform to be fitted for then, aaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that isn't motivation to get back to it on Monday then I don;t know what is!
Well back to it. I have made the decision to keep my weight in Kgs instead of Lbs as I just need to focus on the figure going down whereas I have in my head what is a good loss in lbs and what isn't good enough. If I stick to kgs I think I will be more focused on seeing a loss.

Feel really positive, stuck to diet and taken a tablet with lunch and will with tea. Doctor agreed that I can skip breakfast as due to current work I est tea at 4.30 which means we have lunch at 11 so we agreed was prob best to just take 2 tablets or save one for if I want supper when I get home from work at 10pm. When I start the new job in about 7 weeks I will have the challenge of fitting this around working 2 nights a week but am sure I will manage.

Done 20mins on EA active this morning as well so feeling really positive as I enjoyed it and feel good for doing it.

Also dyed my hair red today as well for the new positive me ha.
Day 3 back to it and really happy, done my EA active 2 days and stuck to food although forgot one tablet. Still felling really positive and found an athletics club I would love to join when have lost a bit more weight and my confidence has improved.
Well I am back for the final time. Haven't changed my weight on my ticker yet but I must do this. Doctor has told me I won't get pregnant and want baby no 2 so much. Also so annoyed at myself. I found this so good last time and did so well then just stopped. What the hell was I thinking, so annoyed at myself. Going to start putting my food on here as well tomorrow to keep track but did start today. I must do it this time!
2nd day and doing well, stuck to it and done exercise for 2 days now. Need to start my food diaries though as they normally give me inspiration on what to eat when I am struggling. Will start tomorrow hopefully.

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