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  1. Andy T

    Andy T Member

    Hey guys!

    So, i'm a 21 year old lad and i have a lot of weight to lose!

    I would love to have 4 stone gone by X-Mas, i know this is going to be really hard...but i'm going to try my i hope to use this place for a lot of support.

    Basically, by next summer...i want to be able to walk on the beach topless without feeling like every one is looking at me.

    Anyways, its my second day...and i think i'm doing OK....but i might be under eating..but i am still having 3 meals a day.

    Day one.

    Breakfast - Special K
    Lunch - Ham Sandwich, brown bread, no butter
    Dinner - Special K

    Day two
    Breakfast - Special K
    Lunch - Two Biscuits[ I KNOW, but i ran out of milk and had no time to go to the shop!]
    Dinner - Special K

    I am finding it hard going, not because of the hunger...i can deal with that...but i miss the taste of certain things.

    I have been pretty rubbish with my water but i am geting into the habit of drinking as much as i can.

    Wish me Luck!
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  3. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

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    Hi Andy and welcome onboard.

    I'm no expert but it doesn't sound like you are eating enough sweetheart. Perhaps check out some of the forums on calorie counting etc for some ideas and advice.

    Good luck and let us know how you are getting on xx
  4. alibalibee

    alibalibee Gold Member

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    Hi Andy :) I agree with Porgeous, it really doesnt sound like your eating enough. With regards to missing the taste of things, I can relate to that so much, but I've found over time that it goes. I don't use butter/marg on my bread either, but I use something else, like Philly Xtra Light, or Light Thousand Island dressing. A lot of it I think is re educating our taste buds :)
    Good luck on your weight loss journey
  5. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Sending you lots of good vibes :vibes: and all the luck in the world.
  6. Andy T

    Andy T Member

    Hey guys, thanks for the replys ( :

    I had a feeling i was undereating...i guess i will look around and see if their is some advice i can follow.

    Ill let you know how i get on next monday....and if i need to vent during the week at least i have a place to do it!
  7. kazbro

    kazbro jelly belly

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    good luck andy
    you`ll soon be on that beach walking proud
    keep up the good work
  8. flumpster67

    flumpster67 In a whirl

    Not 'on' a diet - Marissa Peer has changed my perceptions!
    Hi Andy, welcome
    You definately should be eating more, and you shouldnt be hungry either, that'll just lead to quick nibbles;) So tuck in!:eat:
    Good luck with everything
  9. Rela

    Rela Wannabe Lean!!!

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    Low Carb / Wii Fit LOL
    Good Luck Andy :)
  10. Andy T

    Andy T Member

    Hey guys!

    So, i lost 5 pounds last week....and i think i MIGHT be able to follow that up again this week, as i have worked even harder!

    I'm pretty happy but am still finding it hard going, esp at night before i go to bed.

    Not to mention the fact i am in a house with two people who eat KFC and McDonalds and Pizza hut every day and dont put on a pound!

    And the gits even go right up to my face when eating it!

    Oh well, no pain NO gain!

    Hopefully i will lose another 5 pounds this week, which will leave a good dent in my first goal!
  11. Andy T

    Andy T Member

    Finding it hard going today, i have NO energy.

    Guys, when is the best time to weigh yourself?
  12. shrinkingannie

    shrinkingannie Gold Member

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    I always weigh myself first thing is the morning as it is the most accurate and never later in the day - as weight can fluctuate a lot with fluid etc. and it can be disheartening.
  13. Andy T

    Andy T Member

    Hey guys, so i had my second weigh in to day..and i was pretty shocked.

    I lost 10lb!

    I know it comes off really fast at first, and then slows down..but i am still very happy to have lost 15lb in two weeks!

    Now if only those god damn cravings would go away!
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  14. Andy T

    Andy T Member

    Ugh, sucky day today.

  15. Georgiestar

    Georgiestar Silver Member

    wow keep on going! and dont eat too less because thats what I was doing and it didnt get me anywhere.
  16. spod

    spod needs to get out more!

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    Hi Andy,

    Not suprised you have no energy - you arent eating much at all! if you dont have enough calories (which are energy) your metabolism will slow down and you find it harder to lose weight as your body will conserve more as it thinks its being starved!

    Have a read round the forums and get some healthy eating advice but you need to make sure you are having the all vitamins / protein / carbs etc that you need otherwise you can get v. poorly and screw up your insides.

    Good luck with the losing weight, but you need to look after yourself and be healthier (theres internal fat round organs as well as the fat you can see)!!

    Look after yourself chick.
  17. BREN

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    Hi Andy,

    Excellent job with the great loss's and commitment! This week try some more variety and perhapssome exercise if you aren't already.

    Good luck, and I'll drop back in again soon.

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  19. Andy T

    Andy T Member

    Hey guys, thanks for the kind words.

    So, sadly my 3rd week was not great, i had two big drinking sessions with my housemates, and kinda let myself go a bit. Thankfully i did not put anything on.

    I guess i made up for it this week tough, i lost i'm feeling better about it.

    Also, guys is it just me or is the weighing scales YOUR WORST ENEMY during the week, i think i must weigh myself 5 times a day and get really depressed when the bloody thing stays the same.

    I know your only supposed to do it once a week, but i cant help myself. I'm going to ask my room mate to hide it and only give it to me once a week.
  20. Andy T

    Andy T Member

    So, i ate a big Pizza last night, i dont feel to guilty tough...i am told you have to reward yourself sometimes.

    Still trying to avoid the scales...i can hear them calling tough!
  21. Andy T

    Andy T Member

    Hey guy's since i have last been on i have lost another 11lb's

    It's has been a pretty bad month compared to September, i really did not try as hard as i could have. i also stopped and ate crap for a full week

    However, if i manage to lose another 2 pounds by the first of November[which i should be able to do, i have lost 2 and a half stones in two months.

    Which is halfway to my crazy goal of 5 stones in 4 months!

    I know if i push myself i can do it! if i try hard! i just need the willpower and the encouragement

    I need to do this, i need to be ready for that last week in July.
  22. Andy T

    Andy T Member


    So, this week is going good, i have been pretty good with keeping my kal intake low...i don't think i have gone over 500 any day of the week.

    i think i might have lost a good few pounds this week, and we are supposed to be having a pizza/drinking party so hopefully i can reward myself with that this week.

    Hopefully by the end of November i will have lost a total of 50 pounds, which leaves only 20 to lose in November which is only 5 per week.

    If i MANAGE to do that, i will have lost 5 stone since September first!

    I also came across and old weight watchers book from the start of the year...and if i go by that then my total weight loss is larger by 7lb.

    i was tempted to add it, but it felt like cheating!
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