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Anemia/Anemic... Whatever

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Hi All..

I've been quiet lately, mainly due to the fact that I've just been knackered all the time. At Tuesday in the gym I had to stop half way through because I went light headed and thought I was guna topple over! Nothing has changed in my water intake/packs etc but this week I have just felt tired, drained and everything.. Even to the point, that for the past 3 days... despite having early nights, I have been late for work because I've had no energy to get out of bed :confused: and then when I get there, its as though I lose total concentration and have lost motivation to do ANY work!! :eek:

Today... I was late for work (again!) and didn't know whether to go gym or not...

Anyway, I was chatting to some guy (who has recently lost alot of weight too!) and he said I looked withdrawn, pale and really tired... I was like :rolleyes: umm thanks.. and he said he was just being truthful - bless him! I told him I had been feeling really tired and stuff and he gave me the whole lecture about 'maybe its time to come off the diet blah blah blah' (that isnt even an option right now) ... but he suggested that it could be anemia.. he said I "look anemic" .. now... what does "LOOKING ANEMIC" look like... ?

..... and what do I do to fix it..... :confused::confused::confused::confused:

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Take Iron tablets - you can get them at the chemist.

BUT if you have a problem with constipation then you definitely will have an issue after taking iron tablets. They constipate quite badly and make your stools go black.

I would suggest you visit your GP for advice. If necessary they will undertake a blood test and check your iron levels.

If you are on thyroxine or certain other meds you will have to take them at different times of the day cos they can affect the level of absorption of your other meds.

Do you have issues with heavy periods etc? The foodpacks are supposed to provide your RDA of all essential vitamins and minerals. It may be your iron levels were deficient before you started on LL, or your periods etc could be to blame. There are a number of possible explanations.

Don't self diagnose though - see your GP especially as you are doing this program.

Hope that helps.


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Dunno Claire but if you're that concerned I'd go see the doctor, they'll do you a blood test and check you out properly.

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Yes. You can.
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Personally, I believe the word "anemia" is often thrown about by people who don;t really know what Anemia is. (Not referring to anyone here) but your friend my have just pulled that out of his hat when that is not what he meant.

It is unlikely a diet will cause anemia if I understnad anemia correclty. i could be wrong - but its just one of those illnesses people always say that have, when they are feeling a bit tired, they say "I must be anemic" when you really need a diagnoses to be anemic.

So don;t worry too much Claire - he may have meant you looked tired, or drawn, which can sometimes happen with a diet. I notice days I have dark circles under my eyes - etc - but that will pass......just don;t get too hung up on it.

You see your docs monthly for a check up - they would tell you if you looked at any stage something to be concerned about. But if you are worried - speak to them.
I'm guessing you look pale and that's why he's saying you look anaemic. Anaemia is caused by low levels of haemoglobin in the blood - the haemoglobin carries oxygen and makes the blood look red, so if you are deficient in that then you may look pale. Also any other kind of red blood cell shortage for any reason can cause anaemia and pale skin (e.g. if you have very heavy periods).

Obviously, there are lots of reasons why you might look pale. It does not mean you are anaemic - only your doctor can tell you that. If you go to your doctor, s/he will take a blood test then test the iron levels. If you are low, you will be prescribed iron tablets.


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S: 14st4lb C: 12st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 2st1lb(14.5%)
Yep, it seems we all agree:


Never self-diagnose.
Being someone who has suffered from anemia regularly throughout the years due to ongoing gynae problems, i have actually felt much better on this diet. Even though many of us overate, it does not mean we got the nutrients we needed. Now we are getting them some problems may disappear.

Re Looking pale - people's palour can change on a daily basis. Some days i look like the living dead but i know that my iron levels are currently stable. Don't get misled by seemingly "helpful" observations from mates.
S: 24st0lb C: 24st0lb G: 18st0lb BMI: 43.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi All...

Thanks everyone... :D

I'm definately not going off his diagnosis, and was marely pondering on what anameia looks like considering he said i "look anemic!"

Re: the heavy periods... I didn't have periods before this diet, for 2 years... but for the past 4/5 months they have been like clockwork.. and when they come... Boy do I know about it!!! Could be related but who knows...

... I feel OK tonight, but then I did fall asleep for a few hours earlier :eek: ... if it stays then I'll go n see doc next week :D Thanks all xxxx


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I would definitely go and see the GP Claire.
I got anaemia when pregnant, it is quite common then as the baby sucks the life out of you, LOL, I remember my sister became anaemic due to heavy periods.
If it has been going on for a few weeks then you do need to get it checked.
Do not take iron tablets unless they have been prescribed.
Hi Claire,

I am getting blood tests done next tuesday as my doctor thinks i am anaemic, so will be getting that done next week!

See your Gp as soon as possible hun and good luck :)

I think Ferrous Sulphate 200mg (Iron Tablets) are the tabs that they recommend, but discuss this with your GP first, good luck and let us know :)
I am anaemic and have had anaemia most of my adult life. THis diet hasnt made mine better or worse. I still take suppliments. But yest claire if you are anaemc you generally lool quite pale and feel tired.

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