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Angela's final push of SS diary!


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Well folks, after a couple of days completely of plan and eating way too much today I'm back to SS as of tomorrow (Monday 20th) for the final push of SS before moving up the plans for that final stone!!

Putting the diet (or lack of it today) aside We had a fantastic day for my Sons Christening today, it just couldn't have gone better! He was a star all day and the weather even stayed nice to let people get outside for the BBQ at ours after the service. My other day off plan was my brothers graduation and it was a great day too- I just didnt need to carry on eating once home after enjoying a nice meal for the graduation lunch!

Time to get the job done and get this excess weight off!! and to re introduce exercise as other than walking I've done nothing! Went for a swim last week for the first time in ages and really enjoyed it, will try to go as often as i can.
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Needs to stop eating!!
Good luck, you have had great losses so far. Heres to you SSing 100%!!:stickdance:


One day at a time!
Hope today goes "swimmingly" hehe! It feels good to re-commit to 100% SS after going off plan - to me it feels like a cleansing! I've even decided not to use mix-a-mousse or bars for a week to get back into the zone. Good luck!


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Good luck Angela, I'm sure you'll have that last stone shifted in no time x


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Welldone Angela and good luck for your SSing !
I think that half the battle is perhaps having a meal when the occasion calls, but then not stuffing everything in sight into your mouth (which is kinda what worries me for the future), I am a oh I have had a biscuit, may as well eat the whole packet kinda girl ! Hahaha Hopefully CD is learning me that when I am eating 'normally' it should be in moderation and I don't have to be so greedy s in the past !
Have a great week x


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Thanks for the good luck wishes!

Glugging down the water just now, no shakes yet. Think I'll go for a choc mint, choc tetra and a banana shake today, I'll probably have them all hot and split them. Looking like a nice day so I'll get out with the pushchair later.


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Hey Angela..
Sounds like you had a great time at your sons christening..
Good luck for going back on ss!! You have done so well already..
I love the shakes especially choc mint.. I will still carry on with them when I finish cd I am sure!!
Have a great day x


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Going well so far, 1/2 choc tetra and 1/2 choc mint shake down and water. Been out for a lovely brisk walk too so hopefully thats used up some of the carb supplies that i gained yesterday! Got TOTM just now but its easier once its started, its more the few days beforehand that I just want to eat everything!
Good luck Angela. I'm joining you after doing 1000 for a week or so. You've done so fantastically well so far, that I'm sure you'll get there in no time at all x


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Going fine so far, got 1/2 banana shake and 1/2 choc mint left for tonight and drank all my water so any more now is a bonus. Think I'll go have my shower then got hubbys tea to make when I get out. The evenings are the hardest for me, just want to eat!
Yes I find they are harder than during the day. You've done well though - sounds like today is cracked, which is one of the hardest. Well done x


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Well, day 2 of getting back to SS and 1/2 a hot choc tetra down! Having a chocolate day today, 2 tetras and a choc mint shake. all my favs! DS just gone down for a nap so time to get dressed and think I'll sort out some clothes for the charity shop bag!


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Well done on getting through your first day and congrats on your son's christining yesterday!! I bet people could see a huge difference in you too! Good luck with that last stone, you're so close to your target now, you'll be there in no time and then can enjoy the rest of the summer chasing after your baby on the beach or in the park without being out of puff every few steps! (I know I'm looking forward to that!)


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Thanks! I know I'm not far from goal but its funny how it still seems quite far away! Think it's because I know that last stone working up the steps is going to be the slowest and hardest!


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Ahhh! don't know why I did it but I had a slice of toast and a bit of shortbread earlier. The only reason is self-sabotage, I wasn't feeling stressed or bored, just wanted to eat but I know I didnt need to. anyways since then I've been out for a nice walk with DS and dog, had 1/2 hot choc tetra and fed son his lunch (managed to avoid eating his leftover toast fingers -gave them to the dog instead!)

I wonder if the self sabotage would be easier to control if I moved up to SS+, will keep going on SS till WI on Tues then maybe think about it.

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Ooohhh it's a pain isn't it! Why do we do it ? :) At least there's loads of people in the same boat. It's amazing when you get closer to goal how far away it can seem. SS+ might be the way to go for you. Just may be time to move up if your picking. Good luck xxx


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I find I don't miss eating as much on SS+ as I do on SS - if I desperately want to eat something I'll have some of my chicken portion or something, it definitely helps.. Maybe think about going up there after your wi on tues?

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