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Anger management??


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Hey. Im on day 10 off ssing and up until today i cannot tell u how good its went and how brilliant i've been feeling.
Today is the second day of my TOTM and i just feel so bloody angry!! Like nothing compared to my usual PMT i actually want to rip people heads off and feel like i will burst into tears if any1 so much as looks at me the wrong way! And for some reason i am STARVING???????? I have did a ketosis test and im still in the deep pink so i dont understand it but 10 mins ago i was a second away from callin in a takeaway. My willpower won tho and i had a muffin instead and some water but i just feel so cheated! haha im laughing at myself even writing this as i realise wot a loony i must sound. Now im laughing at myself for laughing wen i really feel like crying. Yep, call the men in white coats. I've went insane.
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Put your fave music on and CLEAN..the anger may well pass


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Dancing- it was a CD muffin i had so i haven't came out of out! i think if i had i would kick my own ass the way im feeling!! Thanku for the kind words x


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Hey Lisa,
Funny but i'm having exactly the same feelings as you do. It just seems to have been a really hard day today and all i've wanted to do is stuff my face.
At least you've got a reason, ie TOTM. :)
Hope you feel better tomorrow.
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TOTM is bad at the best of times and always seems much worse when on CD, well done for hanging in there hun you will be pleased you did when the anger passes!



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S: 19st6.0lb C: 19st6.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hello all!
Wel the anger has finally passed! Altho i did nearly have a punch up with a 70 yr old woman in asda but hey ho i feel better now! :D
Just relaxing with some water and watching some tv. Sorry for the rant earlier. Just had to let off some steam!


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When it was my totm last week, I was in ketosis but still felt like eating as I was soooo ravenous. I felt like I was starving (I guess we are, but don't usually feel that way on the diet). Thing is that's normal for me (so guessing for some other people too) to feel deep hunger throughout TOTM, problem is I'd usually eat and eat and eat and eat, but it never went away, that hunger like feeling just stubbornly stayed.

Anyhow you did great to get through it, and it's good to become more aware of these situations, as then it'll be easier next time


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