angry at myself


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last week I lost 4lb this week I look like I'm on target for a 3lb gain. I went off plan on friday but I don't feel I was off plan enough to warrant a 3lb gain :( I been 100% since then. I might be due my period soon thats all i can think it could be, I guess I could have eaten badly enough to cause this gain. I'm just angry I'm going to have a + in my nice new book after I was soo confident last week. I know scale hopping is bad but couldn't help myself. Weigh in tomorrow night. Sorry for the whinge!
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Come back tomorrow night after the real weigh in !! You have another 24 hours to go yet. To put 3lbs on you would have had to consume10500 more calories than your body needed. Bathroom scales are cheap because they are not reliable. We have scales like SW at work and they cost over £200 and have to be electronically calibrated at regular intervals. Do not let your mood be affected by the numbers on your home sclaes. Stress may prevent you from losing weight. Sorry didn't mean to lecture x x


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we've all been there at some point hun. Try not to let it put you off and gl for wi xx

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Good luck for tomorrow, if you do gain then don't panic, just think of it as a little blip and then get back to 100% :D Take it easy x


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Been there, done that, worn the frickin' T-shirt :rolleyes:

From now on, I will no longer be scale hopping or taking sneaky-peeks throughout the week. I had been 100% all week, and after a sneaky peek on Monday it looked as though I was on track to have gained 1lb. I was gutted, especially with WI being the very next day. I got myself so upset and worked up. Got to class, got on the scales and had actually lost 2lb! Basically, you need to stop the scale hopping - it's mental torture.

Let us know how you get on. I'm sure you won't have done as badly as you think.


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This last week I've been 100% with exercised & gained 2.5lb! It happens a lot & often we can't explain it. Just stick with it & only go by your official weigh in. Sneaky weigh ins (I know this to be so true myself) totally mess with your head!


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It doesn't matter if you weighed yourself on every set of scales from here to Timbuctoo....the only ones that matter are the ones recording your weight at WI. :)

At least you know the scales at SW are consistent and don't fluctuate like your normal everyday bathroom scales. Ordinary ones were never invented to calculate serious weight losses anyway so why torture yourself...


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Aww Ali - sometimes its a mix of being off plan a bit and hormones, so dont be too down until your official weigh in.

Whatever it says will spur you on next week. Look at your weight loss so far (fabulous!) and what you will do in the future.

Its just one weeks result hun - whatever it is! xxx


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It's normal for me to put 3lb on with my period even if i'm 100%

Don't let it get to you, keep your chin up and carry on with the plan. You'll see it next week! xx