angry but more motivated now than ever.


5 stone to go!
its all in the title really. at work and had part of my friends sandwich. which means im probably out of ketosis now.
so i had a bit of an angry cry and came home.
had a big big talk with myself, and it wasnt worth it, it didnt even taste as good as i thought, not worth it one bit.
im angry that i had been doing so well and my head was in the right place and then suddenly i caved.i need to practice what i preach, i do not feel sorry for myself just angry.
i am more determined now to get there and i will not let it control me any longer.

i refuse to let it happen again. heres hoping to a sts on saturday. i am back on tfr as of right now and i will not come off until i get there.
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Hey Bells :D well done for stopping quickly and a bonus is that you have got 5-6 days til weigh in so any "damage" that you might have done can be rectified in that time.

Good attitude and you are so right - the food does not taste as good as you think it might - maybe thats because of the guilt that we are doing something we shouldnt. Angry is good especially if you can redirect into determination. Good for you girl - keep that attitude going and you should breeze through the week.


5 stone to go!
fingers crossed we both can!..we listening to angry music to get myself pumped up lol. im not stopping till goal this time...absolutly no way!!! of luck to you as well you can do it! x


I will be skinny again!!!
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What type of sarnie was it? lol

best to remember how you feel now and im glad to hear your telling yourself where you stand and you sound determinded not to get there again!!

You have been so supportive toward all of us and i wish you the best of luck getting back into the swing of things xxx


5 stone to go!
thanks chelly, it was a breakfast roll with bacon sausage egg mayo etc so it was really really bad.and i deserve whatever happens. yep and i want to not be a hypocrite back on it now and ive put the scales away so i dont get upset and risk the chance of it happening again. im just going to take it a day at a time and keep myself on here. also i know now not to go to the work kitchen during lunch. i will do this! i will not quit!..hope ur doing ok today and thanks again x


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what is done is done.......learn from it and move forward! Your head is in the right place and just remember that feeling and how id just didnt help at all eating and throwing all your hard work out of the window.

It happened to me last time around; just once, and it was on Wk3 and that little eat helped me get to Wk14 because it didnt help one bit and the feelings of anger and guilt and pure let down by myself spurred me on! Hope it does the same to you.

You have got through the worst part so now you just have to keep going and keep being positive!

Hang in there and just keep coming on have been a real suppor to lots of people here, so now it is your turn.

Just remember it is TFR and food just shouldnt figure at the minute.

Take care and hope you are able to turn it around by the time you get weighed, but just dont think about it, it has gone, happened,,,,move forward !


Size 14 here i come!
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Oh Bells you poor chicken, well you must have really wanted it to give in as you are normally so strong. I think being down about your loss this week probably didn't help so learn from that.

Not much else i can say different from everyone else but i am here if you need to talk. It's over and done and it could have been alot worse, you could have carried on the rest of the day for starters BUT you didn't.
As i have said many times before, we are only human, don't be too hard on yourself, hope you are feeling ok about it now! xx


5 stone to go!
hey thanks guys, how are you getting on stinky? yeah i think that may have been the underlying reason as well, just rang dad and told him and he said that that could have been the reason and i need to lower my expectations.which is true and im going to do that. im just going to take any loss as a good thing because it will be coming off instead of going on!...
im just so glad it didnt taste good!lol....
its weird i just feel like it happened a few days ago now rather than this morning which i guess is a good thing.
also i kinda think i needed this to tell me to not have such high expectations and to not be so impatient lol....
i know the next few days will be hard but i can do it ,i was looking at other posts of people giving in and looking at other diets and i just thought to myself no way was i doing any other diet than this one. so im determined to do this now,
the support from you guys is great and i havent a clue what id do without this place !!....
just heres to hoping for a sts minimum on saturday. if not il just have to deal with it anyway! will eventually go!....x


Size 14 here i come!
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:DThat's the bells we know and love!! You go girl!!

irish molly

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Bells, I feel for you pet. This diet is tough and you were on a high and temptation comes along and takes you down. Keep strong. You are doing great.
I feel a bit deflated myself right now as I'm only down a 1lb this week and have no breakfast roll to blame it on!!! Onwards and downwards!!!


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Put it all behind you and move on. Remember how upset and angry you have felt, and hopefully that will keep you strong. You can do it!

Clair x


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Hey Bells

Keep playing that angry music gal, or motivational music...I should say.
Yeah, I know how angry we can get with ourselves ( I have the whip marks on my back to prove it...haha!), but you have recognised that and got straight back into it. Well done!!:p