ANNA -Don't go away


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Hey Anna
Please don't go away from here.
Everyone will support you. Don't feel ashamed or guilty.
You need us and we need you too.
I've been feeling many of the same emotions as youthis past week and I have been doing LL since last February with no difficulty until now.
We have so many conflicting messages to decipher. It's not surprising it's difficult.
You have done so well and are an inspiration to many.
What will Andy and Pete especially do without you photos?
Lurk if you must, but please don't disappear.
Good luck.:banghead::sign0007::angeldevil:
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nearly there!! :)
i say stay ;) xxx


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me too!!
it wont make it any easier
sending hugs and get well soon vibes


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I'm confused - I can't find any message where Anna says she's leaving but if you have said that Anna, then I'm afraid I have to put my foot down. Yes, it's funny when a random bloke on th einternet does that but really - you're not going anywhere.

Drop me a pm if you need to talk, hon. xxx


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I just feel so out of control. I am sat here bawling my eyes out, empty cartons to one side and a full stomach, coughing, spluttering and sniffing my way into a deep black hole.

Just logged back on to have a lurk and saw this thread and feel even worse. You have all been so supportive and I feel I have let us all down. I have worked so hard and everyone has been so proud of me, and I feel like screaming at them now - I'M A FAILURE, DON'T BE NICE TO ME. It's a effing nightmare and I don't know what to do to stop this. I don't want to get big again. I am such a disgusting slob, I feel sick and uncomfortable. It is scary because all I want to do is get all the food out of me, but it's too late and I know I have now most likely buggered my chances of being in ketosis at my meeting on Tues evening, and I doubt I've lost anything this week.

Chances are I'll be off work tomorrow due to this bug... my boss rang earlier, heard my (lack of) voice and told to me stay at home. Living alone is the killer - I wouldn't have done this if there were people around me...

HAVE I LEARNED NOTHING??? I'm a let down and I'm sorry - thank you for being there, but I feel I really don't deserve you.

Take care x


nearly there!! :)
anna how have u let anyone down? i no i dont feel dissappointed in u, would prefer ta give ya a hug and tell ya to stop being so silly.
hunni ur human...its only human to mess up...and sometimes u have to mess up again...and again before u learn.
come on stop being so hard on ur self. go to bed, wake up in the morning and move on. use how ur feeling now to think ok no way am i doing that to myself, making myself feel so s**t. only 4 food packs. rally a friend around if u can, and tell her honestly whats happening. DONT let her encourage u to continue, but have faith in urself ur doing brill. come on hunni.

how bout dropping ur llc a line? i no its late so a text or even in the morning first help u jump back in.
stop feeling so bad towards ur self xxx


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I can't pretend to know everything that's been going on for you but what I do know is that you are not a failure and you certainly haven't let anyone down sweetheart. We are all here to support eachother on what is a very personal and individual thing for us all. There is no such thing as the perfect way to lose weight, the perfect way to maintain there is just a journey that we all embark on, it has ups it has downs and it is a voyage of discovery in so many ways. It may not always go as we planned but doesn't diminish our achievements.

Sending hugs


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please dont feel that you have failed anything!!
this is a tough journey that we have all undertaken with many highs and lows
look at how far you have come whats 2 or 3 days out of over 100?
none of us are immune to these difficult days and the truth is that we will probably have wobbles for the rest of our lives but i know you are a tough lady
catz is right dont be afraid of asking friends/llc for help and we will always be here
get out your goals, remember why your doing this
good luck

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Hi Anna,

I was sorry to see this thread this morning, to see how bad you are feeling, when just a day or two ago you were on cloud 9. Life throws some curves to us when we least expect it, doesn't it.

Firstly, I jut want to say - you are anything but a failure. You are a bright, intelligent beautiful young lady - who is undertaking something very difficult, and as being such a human being - had a slip up. You may be angry at yourself - but you are NOT a failure.

Look at what you have acheived - you have done so well, and your entusiasm and happiness shows your determination to beat this ol' demon here. So - you must get the F word out ofyour head.

As for anyone who feels let down by you - I would ask them WHY....its you, your body, your struggle and your life - those who care about you will only want you to be happy, and will try and help lift you back up. Anyone who tells you you have let them down, they are not a friend. You are human hon - and you've had a blip. It happens. But you can turn it around.

Take the time you need - refocus - get that prety lil head of yours re-wrapped tight around your objectives.....don;t let a new guy, or dreams of a holiday get in the way of what you want - its all terribly exciting - and can cause us to drift when things start getting good and exciting.

Plus, being ill does nto help either - we do tend to want to comfort ourselves when sick, and what do foodies do? Well, we all know.

But you will come out the other side. You want this - and you can have it - but you have to forgive yourself for bein human, and stop seeing yourself as a failure! Pronto!!

Hang in there love, you got a lot of people pulling for you, and the biggest crime would be to dismiss all ofyour fantastic acheivement because you had one or two lapses.

Chin up pup - we're all here for you. You can do this.

I hope you feel brighter when you wake up.

Sending you lots of hugs and healing vibes. And if it makes you feel any better, I am sharing that blasted cold with you now too - so you have a friend suffering along with you. Get some rest, and things will look brighter when you are feeling better.



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Hi Anna

You have not let anyone down, this is just part of your journey. It cant always be plain sailing. So what if you have had a lapse or two? you just have to leave it in the past and accept it is part of your LL journey. We cant all have perfect times on LL, we have to make mistakes to learn from them.

I had a lapse and I too felt like I let so many people down especially as that week we had lots of new people asking questions and I was giving out advice like I was the queen Bee of LL. Actually we haven't let anyone down, people will be inspired you had the strength to come on her and get advice and move on, which i know you will. You haven't let yourself down because this is just teaching you some bad habits you have and once you get your head round it it will be a lesson learned.

You know a lapse can be an hour, day, week or month of madness so don't beat yourself up. Accept it for what it is, just another stepping stone to your goal and getting over your bad habits.

Please dont leave from here, we would all miss you so much, you have a lot to give everyone on this board. Your a gorgeous girl and I would miss seeing that smile. This board is great for shouting out our achievments but its also an incredible support for when we are struggling. Dont go and hide away, share your down time and we will pull you through.

Lots of Love to you


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Anna, you've inspired so many on here including me. Nobody thinks any less of you because your having a tough time at the moment.
You've done so well and have proved that you can do this........but don't go into hiding you need help and support and we are all here for you.
You can laugh, cry, vent your anger with us and we will always try to help.
Sending you lots of hugs :hug99::hug99:


Likes to lurk

You say you don't want to go back to your own ways. Don't. I know that's very easy to say and I have to be honest, I wrote two of the most fed up, moaning posts I've ever made on my blog when I was ill. Of all the challenges I've faced I found being sick the hardest. So don't beat yourself up about it. I'm not going to spout 'thought logs' or 'how do you feel' etc etc.

It's time to find that bulldog spirit. That stiff upper lip if you will. Get stubborn. Refuse to accept what is happening. Watch rocky (do some 'air sparring' if it helps). This is hard. If it wasn't, everyone would do it. This is why you should be so proud of what you've achieved so far.

Go all the way! As I said last week. This time and place right now will define who you are. You can actually pinpoint the part in your life where you say enough is enough. I've changed.



Too much? lol

p.s. If that's not enough, Having a sticky thread with just two people in is gonna be a farce. It's bad enough with 3! lol


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Guy is SO right! Get strong and dont let it beat you. Say enough is enough. Dont feel down, move on from this blip and grab the bull by the horns and beat it. Get out of the house, away from food and do something that will light a fire in your belly. Dont let it beat you!

As guy said KICK SOME ASS!!!!


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I don't have time to do this justice, so I'll say two things. 1) You are not doing this for us, you're doing it for you, so you cannot ever let us down. 2) PM me and I'll give you my phone number - I'm much better at talking than typing at the moment but if you need even the tiniest bit of support, I'm there for you xxxx


Guess who's back...?
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Awww Andy, thank you- I'm feeling much better today... there is another post from me thanking everyone for supporting me through it. Thank you so much and will know not to disappear next time the going gets tough :)

A x


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Glad to see you've had a change of heart, you would have been seriously missed (even if you'd only been gone a little while). Seeing your pics helps soooo many people and you're always there for support and a bit of advice.

You're well loved, well done for getting back on track :)

Emma xXx