Anna Nicole Smith


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Its bound to be here somewhere but i am absolutely gutted at this news...i really thought she was the dogs balls and was a massive fan.

I wish i was articulate and maybe abut of a poet but i'm not, but i do hope whereever she may be in spirit shes at peace.

In the immortal words of Morrissey

"On their hands - at last ! - a dead star !
But they can never taint you in my eyes
No, they can never touch you now"

~paint a vulgar picture

Ivy :tear_drop:
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It's that poor little babyI feel sorry for. Anna Nicole is hopefully at peace but what about that little girl she left behind?

Love Barb


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This happened while I was in America.

Boy are their media people dogs.

I'd like to say they are worse than ours, but I expect they are all about the same.

They have interviewed everybody who might have known her, including the person who sold her the daily newspaper. It is a circus and it is easy to lose sight of the fact that a young woman died.

I share the sentiment that it was such a waste of such a troubled life.


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I'm really sad this happened too, and was more than a bit pissed off when Chris Moyles thought it appropriate to make a sexist vulgar joke at her expense the morning it was announced.


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India Knight wrote a very supportive piece about her in the Sunday Times last week - it's such a tragic end to a woman who just wanted to better herself but couldn't cope with the rubbish that horrid folk threw at her.

I find it so sad that her idol was Marilyn Monroe - I can't imagine that she ever envisaged sharing the same tragic end.

Bless her - and her poor little baby girl.