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Annie's diary - starting 21 day carb detox

Well here I am after having been in WW and celebrity slim already on this site. I am now following Marissa Peer's programme - I started on Monday.

My story basically is I got married last year weighing just under ten stone, on my honeymoon I discovered I was pregnant and I had a beautiful baby boy in January - shortly afterwards I weighed in at 13 st 11 lbs :eek::eek:

I had bulimia for years and still have some bad habits and attitudes to food. When I was pregnant I stopped using my normal controls and ballooned:(, I also started binging again - although I wouldnt purge. Anyway here I am seven months later and I have lost some of the weight through various diets (I like variety :)) and am still on the journey to lose the rest.

I read Marissa Peer's book last weekend and something just clicked - I have no desire or craving for any junk food, I dont feel like I am on a diet - I feel I have changed my eating for life. I am just eating healthily but I thought I would start a little diary here to keep note of my progress.

My typical day now consists of:

Breakfast - fruit and soya yoghurt
snack - almonds and brazil nuts (about 8 altogether)
lunch - salad or home made soup
snack - banana
Dinner - anything without bread or fattening sauces.

Lots of water and green tea and some exercise every day!!

If I keep this up I reckon I cant fail. Im still going to weigh once a week on a wednesday. Looking forward to getting to know you all :D
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Well today was another good day.

Breakfast - strawberries, blueberries, banana and soy yogurt with flaxseed sprinkles
snack - nuts (about 8)
lunch - homemade chicken and lentil soup and some salad, with turkey and ham slices
snack - apple
dinner - Shepard's pie - made with quorn and sweet potato mash
snack - cereal bar.

Ex ; 30 mins on cross trainer and a 1 hour walk

I was in tesco today and usually after exercising I would allow my self a little treat - I looked at the rows of chocolate bars and all I saw was sugar and more sugar and I thought - I am not putting that into my body at the moment - being slim is more important to me now! I was hungry today though which I hadnt been to this point - but I coped well - because there was yummy wheaten bread with the soup and cake after and I avoided both:)
Well I have to say I am really enjoying this programme. We got an indian take away last night and I easily avoided the breads and just had some tandoori chicken and some veg with a little boiled rice. I didnt feel bloated after the way I normally would. I feel very in control at the moment - long may it continue!!
Well as weekends go I did really well, except I went out on Sat night and drank way too much bacardi - and felt really shook yesterday, but I didnt indulge any of my post alcohol cravings - no crisps chocolate or fizzy drinks - well proud of myself.
I am rereading the book to reinforce all the ideas, I swear this is it for me, I feel as though I have conquered a lot of issues I have with food - I know it is early days, but I really think I will sustain this way of eating.
Menu for today:
Breakfast ; Fruit, soya yogurt, flaxseeds
snack: plum
Lunch: salmon and tomato
Snack: banana
Dinner: homemade chowder

I am going shopping today for a wedding outfit and I really dont want to go - Why oh why did I not lose more weight before now - the wedding is in two weeks and I will hate shopping at my current weight:( but baby sitter is sorted so I have to go - might be better that I think
Hi :)
I've got the book too, but have had a terrible fortnight with one thing and another so not read it all yet.
Will look forward to hearing how you get on :)
Try not to fret too much about the wedding, you'll soon be back to wedding weight :)
Thanks Kitty, Ill be interested to see what you think of the book?
DH put the cd onto my ipod for me to listen to, do you listen to it each day?
Yes I listen to it every day so far on my I-pod - I dont always get to totally relax when im listening but I do listen to it every day - I think it helps.
Hi there,
I read Marissas book a couple of weeks ago and listen to her cd - its true - something just clicks inside you. Its so great doing the shopping and walking past all the aisles full of fat and sugar. It all seems to make sense now and instead of worrying about food all the time, I really dont think about it too much at all. I know I can tfail now cos it isnt a diet I am doing, I am not 'on' anything to fall off. As you say, early days but just now it feels fantastic!
Well shopping was awful - I couldnt find anything I liked, but I am still loving this lifestyle - I wasnt even tempted to buy chocolate like I would usually when shopping - I had a banana and a few slices of turkey. Ill have to try and find an outfit next week instead :(
I know I can tfail now cos it isnt a diet I am doing, I am not 'on' anything to fall off. As you say, early days but just now it feels fantastic!

I love the way you have worded that flumspster - it kinda sums it up for me too. Enjoy yourself - ill be very interested to see how you are doing
Well I have been on the programme a little over a week now and I still am loving it - I have had no problems virtually giving up wheat and dairy. I still have a little of both if I fancy it but not much. I am going to a music festival this weekend - electric picnic in Portlaoise should be good craic - things like this though make me impatient - I want to be skinny now - and thoughts like that are detrimental. Well I am going to weigh in tomorrow morning. I started last Monday at 12st 6lbs - so even a few pounds will be great - it is not about the scales now anyway it is about eating healthy for life :cool:
Well I weighed in this morning - 5 lbs lighter than I was at the beginning of last week so I am really pleased about that. I am still feeling positive and have no cravings for any junk food or carbohydrates, but I do feel the usual impatient feeling I get whenever I try to lose weight - but I am going to ignore it and just plow on - my overall goal is to be slim and healthy for Christmas
Well done Annie - thats a great amount!
I have just found out today that I am pregnant - I am all up in the air, im happy but I am also disappointed I haven't lost more weight. My son is also only 7 months so it is a bit of a shock to be pregnant again so soon. I will do some research and check with my GP but I am planning to continue to follow the plan throughout my pregnancy - it is basically just a very healthy diet, but I will increase my intake of unrefined carbs a little.
That must have been a suprise
Take care, I'm sure the plan will be fine for you, but your doing the right thing
Congratulations on your pregnancy

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