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Annoying OH


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Well after me having a hissy fit over him eating in front of me.. he hardly ever does it now!
He'll have an ice cream but then I can have a frozen Muller Light.. He keeps getting a pizza until I am treating myself to a chinese so that's not too bad..

But now my OH needs to lose weight himself.. so he is now sticking to 15 syns a day but not really following the rest of the plan.. one step at a time :)


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Complaining about being overweight, but refusing to give SW a proper try. Cause he knows the plan and he's sticking to it... huge bowls of cheerios (60g) for breakfast, Snack = 2 of MY fibre plus bars, lunch = mugshots and fruit, dinner = sw dinners, his syns- a packet of french fries, a piece of toast (it's B choice right ;)) and some choc. So syn count? At least 10 for the cherrios, 1 Fibre plus- 5.5, 3.0 for the toast, 4.5 for the french fries and 4 for the mini choc. Hmm.. I wonder why he's not losing...

/end rant.



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my OH is quite good but he sometimes suggests things for tea that he knows will be a rediculous amount of syns so we have to compromise especially as he does all the cooking.
he sometimes says in the evernings... im going to the shop do you want anything... which drives me mad coz in the evening i love a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar... not the low syn stuff mind lol
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My oh can eat what he wants when he wants and still stays slim :( He wants a take away at the end of the week but says I have to have it too or else it ruins it for him? He has a crisps and chocolate cupboard that is aways full and I have to make his lunches and dinners which couldn't be less syn free or low syn if you tried :) Ah well we did choose them x


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Mine waits until we are out and moans until we go to mcds drive thru he then sits and eats 3 double cheese burgers beside but tbh I have got used to it now and I dont let it get to me tooooooooo much lol
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Mine buys rubbish and quite a lot of it, and almost force feeds me jaffa cakes and cafe noir biscuits coz "sure aren't they very low in fat anyway"! Oh, and suggests I "take the night off from cooking" at least twice a week, only to then suggest a takeaway or him putting a couple of pizzas in the oven. Seriously, does he really think peeling a few potatoes and chopping some veg is going to kill him? :confused: Needless to say, I don't take too many nights off from cooking :(


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Haha my OH eats a TONNE of rubbish. Tonight for example after his huuuge (but healthy) dinner : 1/2 pack mini cheddar crackers, pot of cheese and chive dip, 1/4 large pack of choc digestives, curly wurly, jelly pot, boost and a crunchie. This amount of food happens right infront of me every night! I've learnt to have AMAZING will power. But the most annoying this is, he doesn't have an inch of fat on him! Pfft!
My oh is happy to eat Sw meals which is good but it's the in between bit where he snacks on pringles and dip, ice cream, chocolate, microwave burgers etc it's so hard to sit next to him and watch! Also he wants mc d's at least once a wk and u find myself taking him to the drive thru with my mouth drooling.


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Mine is pretty good, except he keeps moaning on about how overweight he is....he has about 1/2 stone to lose! Makes me feel awful as I have over 7 stone to lose! Then he does nothing about losing it, eats at least two chocolate bars a day, which is ok as I'm not into chocolate like he is.
Oh but he buys white crusty bread, and it sits in the kitchen calling me with it's pillowy softness, smelling so good and all i can think about is doorstep sarnies!


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Thanks for all the replies! Its great to know I'm not alone on this one! Xx


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I've been on sw for 6 months and am doing great!! My OH has been pigging out everyday all day since!! Now he has decided to go healthy and on a bodybuilding diet he is non stop telling me about healthy eating and exercise!!!! SSSSSSOOOOOOO ANNOYING!! Taking over my kitchen and re arrangeing the fridge and cupboards HELP!!!!:help2::help2::help2:


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Nothing, hes not trying to lose weight so why should he stop eating what he normally eats, its me with the problem but I can't avoid bakeries/take aways/sweetie shops etc so I hope everyone around me will carry on as normal, the best thing about S/W is if I want something I have syns so I can have SOME of what I want :)


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My OH is pretty good - but he isnt on a diet, as he doesnt really need to be. Therefore, i understand when he wants some chocolate or crisps - and we have these in the house all the time. I just ask him to keep them out of my arms reach - hahah! sometimes i am not as strong willpowered as other times! xxx


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My OH is pretty good. he did eat about half a dozen choc biccies last night whilst we watched a film and i thought about having one (4 syns each i think aren't they?), then thought against it and remembered i had some frozen grapes in the freezer so i munched on those instead! Sometimes when he fancies a chinese which is every week, i'll say that i want to be good but he can have one, then he says he won't have one cos it won't be fair on me to eat it in front of me, so i end up feeling bad and having one with him!! having said that i think out of all the takeaways, chinese seems to be the best one to have, syn wise(?) and last time i had one, i chose carefully what i had. x

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