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annoying people


On a mission
S: 17st3lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 4st7lb(26.14%)
I started LT today and so far so good, despite it being 10.30
So far I have only told my fiance (as we live together) what I am doing. I haven't even told my parents although they're bound to find out eventually.
I don't want to tell them as I don't know how they'll react and I want them to look at me in a couple of weeks and comment. My dad especially is always going on at me for being fat, one of the reasons why I find weight loss a battle I say, but I could go on forever about him.
Anyway, I'll tell them my secret when they notice a difference

trouble is my friend who always asks 20 Questions - we're going down to visit her this weekend so I have said I would prefer if we ate in. Well, the flood gates opened -"why?" So I told her and the questions just keep on coming............

Do you have friends that seem to look down on what you're doing like you're spoiling the fun?:mad:
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there are always people out there with a negative attitude just remember you are doing something positive for yourself x
some people just dont want to see your trying to do something about your weight. I get this lots..its so annoying but i just ignore them all and get on with it thats why no one only my bf knows im doing cd. Best of luck hun :) :)

The world is full of them, dont worry. I told my parents and they did LT for a month lol


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I know loads of people like this. Trying to shove drinks and food down your mouth. Its just sabotage and I think they dont want you to succeed ultimately, but now I just smile and refuse, refuse, refuse. Remember, your doing this for you, no one else and you dont have to justify yourself to anyone either. Bet they wouldnt moan at you if you were stuffing yourself stupid. Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, they make me angry. Rant over, go and enjoy yourself with your shakes and water and watch them make t**ts of themselves when there drunk and being piggys!!!!!!!lol x


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I guess a lot of people are scared of change. She probably doesnt think that you will lose weight so doesnt see what you are trying to diet! When I first started i didnt tell anyone and became a recluse for about 2 months!! It was easier that way so i didnt have people telling me it was unhealthy etc! I didnt need that when i first started! Its hard enough trying to get in to the diet without people trying to put you off. Is there anyway you can cancel? It sounds like your friend will try really hard to make you eat?!

Good Luck :)

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
hey chele,

i started today too :) guess we will be journeying together.

the only person i have told so far is my best mate, and thats only cos she will notice that i have suddenly stopped taking milk in my tea. i know my parents and sister especially (she lost 5st on RC and has another 3 to go but has plateau'd for nearly 18 months probably due to too much exercise and not enough calorie intake) will be really down and against it, so i'm gonna avoid telling them for as long as i can.

anyway, good luck to you, well us :)

rainbow brite

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Sabotage!! Seriously so many people suffer from the green-eyed monster when they see other people losing weight quickly and easily and it's usually because they're too fat and lazy to do anything about it themselves, so let them ask questions, let them shoot you down and then when you reach target let them look shamefaced and let them feel small.


On a mission
S: 17st3lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 4st7lb(26.14%)
I've just spoken to my friend and explained everything. She'll moan a little when I am there but basically she is fine with it and understands my reasons for doing LT. She's going to get me some San Pellegrino so I can pretend it's champagne when we have a toast to my forthcoming marriage.
But I am not telling anyone else to avoid 20q's

good luck pink pixie!


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I know what you mean certain people can be so annoying, they first say you won't be able to do the diet without food for such along time. When you prove them wrong all you hear its time to stop now it not good for you, etc, etc. Basically I feel it's down to ignorance as my best friend who is GP was exactly the same but having done some research,talking to me and reading the forum he is now advising some of his patients about LT.

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S: 14st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 1st0lb(7.14%)
Nice one Harji....convert the NHS!!!lol this diet is the best thing since Milkshake was invented x


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It was my doc who recommended me to LT last year, I just wish now I'd started it then! I saw her yesterday and she was very complimentary about my loss - she is about a size 6!

Only a few people know I'm doing LT coz I want to concentrate on shifting my weight rather than defending my choices. No negativity for me! I just smile and thank anyone who makes a comment and ignore those who don't!!!!

I'm doing this for me and this is the first diet I've stuck to for so long so that's good enough for me!!!!

I only told people (apart from family) what I was doing when they noticed that I had lost weight. It's harder for them to criticise when they can see the evidence before their very eyes.
Kidology eh?
i mentioned LT to a friend at work and she was also very negative my kids think its a great idea my daughter keeps saying whilst eating yummy stuff " oh mom this is disgusting you should beglad your not eating " bless shes only 11


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poor you people were like that when i started aswell but when i told them my doctor was on it and highly recommended it the soon changed there tune hope ye do really well


Posts when she can
Another coment they make is "You'll put it all back on as quickly" grrrrrr


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S: 16st5lb C: 14st3lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 2st2lb(13.1%)
yea but we will prove them all wrong teg wont we i makes ye more dedermined to prove them wrong even if i have to live on rabbit food this aint going back on this time:D

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