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Another 3lb gain. Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh ...


Dance the positive spin..
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Okay thats been another week now since refeed and Ive put on yet another 3lb.

Because of the 3lb gain I had during refeed week - I decided to try restructing my meals during day in case it was a carb in the evening type of problem.

Also I was struggling with eating enough calories and was aware that might be part of the prob, so topped up my intake as much as poss with fruit and WW yogurts: the cals are still a wee bitty low but am definitely getting there (averaging between say 950 and 1100) so thats pretty good considering, I reckon!!

Typical day
breakfast: porridge
lunch: steamed chicken/fish and salad and half baked potato (or similar)
dinner: shake
(snacks/puddings: WW yogurts and pears, apples or satsumas)
Fluid - at least 2.5 litres water a day plus a few cuppas...

Mega frustrated now! I was at chemist on Friday and spoke to the girl but to be honest, she didnt have a clue and simply suggested I go on two shakes and one meal per day. Im not keen to do this as I feel its a backward step and until I discover what is causing the gain, it wont get sorted - going back to 2 shake/1 meal would just delay it, same thing would happen again when I started eating more. Also I wouldnt relax even if 2 shakes/1 meal worked, cos it would always be hammering away at the back of my head that its a temporary reprieve...

I know it was suggested before that I go to the doc for a hormone check etc but it'll take ages to get appointment etc. I will look into it but Im pretty certain the levels are okay - cos I have got a gynae prob (extra bleeding) that has been getting monitored over the last five months and had tons of bloods and stuff done for that.

Im now thinking about trying droppin the shake altogether (especially given the problems others had with using meal replacements and eating).

I was keen to continue with them as I felt it was safer, especially given that my cal intake is still a bit low and I thought one shakes worth of the nutrients etc per day would help my health. I did check again with the chemist about shakes being the same as maintenance products and it was confirmed that is definitely true - so its not a matter of trying the maintenance stuff instead of using up my shakes (I have tons left cos I started eating a lot earlier than planned and had a few weeks in reserve in case I had a bad patch with my pelvis and couldnt get out of the house).

Does anyone think dropping the shakes altogether might help or am I clutching at straws? Last thing I want to do is make it even worse.

Im gutted - thinking about going back on TFR in total panic - but thats wrong, the whole point about my refeed at the moment was to ensure I could maintain before losing more.

I just keep remembering how this was my problem before finding Lipotrim - because of my poor mobility, I could never lose more than 10lb and then no matter what I ate, the weight would creep up and up - because I wasnt burning! Gutted gutted gutted.

Sorry Im rambling on again and will stop now ...

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Sorry about your gain.

Have you always had breakfast instead of your shake? Perhaps have your shake in a morning, and the rest of your meals like the re-feed suggests. I have my first weigh in after re-feed on Wed so will let you know if it has worked!! I would possibly your problem is that you are eating too little. Hopefully someone more expert will able to give you more ideas, as I am still a beginner re-feeder too.

Good luck, hope you find the right balance soon


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hi liz, so sorry you so dissapointed, i really dont know what to say either, i not much help at all i figured it would even itself out this week, but dont give up, hopefully some of the others will help you


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Sorry to hear that hun, but as Nicolas said, don't give up, you've come so far and should be really proud. I'm finding it hard to believe that you're still gaining weight, i mean 950-1100 calories is perfect act this moment in time of refeed. It must be hormonal or perhaps a very inactive thyroid gland. Best you see the doctor, you're doing so well on refeed and this weight gain is not your fault at all.


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Hi Liz

I am totally at a loss....now, I am sure to gain a 1lb of fat, you need to eat in excess of 3500 calories a week more than what you are allowed (think that is correct, but sure I will be corrected if not).....so, you are only eating around 1000 calories it is just not possible to put fat/weight on.

I can only think with you having little mobility that there is a problem there, but again, we can lose weight sleeping, so if you are not consuming a great deal, then this shouldnt be the reason!

Have they tested your thyroid? I put about 4 stone on in a matter of months and then they did tests and found I had an underactive thyroid.

I am a bit confused at your food/menu...can you explain again.
am I correct in understanding you were on TFR, then came off it, refed and now doing 1 shake/2 meals? Just need to try and understand a bit more and maybe we can bang our heads together and see what is happening.

Oh, hang in there though...you can come far, and dont let this upset you too much (if possible). There has to be an explanation somewhere, there has to be.

Take care


Dance the positive spin..
S: 12st7.5lb C: 11st9.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 0st12lb(6.84%)
Hi folks

Im so sorry to have been so rude as not to reply to you all before but I have been so disheartened by the gains and frustrated that I tried to go cold-turkey and not read about or research anything - I thought maybe I would get calmer if I just refused to think about anything related to Lipotrim!

I think im getting somewhere now - fingers crossed - and have posted a new thread about this.

Thanks again

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