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Another diary, another day


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Diets are crap, I just love food too much. Not only that but I am always hungry.

I am not that large to begin with, and perhaps those out there are thinking its only a couple of stone, it will be easy. But the point is that I am a lot fatter than I was 2/3yrs ago and I dont like it.

I like, many others on here, have clothes which dont fit anymore. And I am going to get back into them. Not only that but I am going to buy myself a gorgeous pair of white jeans to see in the end of the summer.

At this stage it actually feels like my fantasy will turn into a reality. Its not that I have never been movtivated on other diets or healthy eating, its that this time I really do believe I can do it reading other peoples diarys and the gallery pics.

So here we go...........

Willow 12st 9
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Day 1

I felt really optimistic this morning...........I was even excited about starting. Would you believe it? Excited about starting a diet, by the end of week 1 could have lost 10lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats almost a bloody stone, it seems ridiculus but I will give it a ago.

I got up about 11am and made myself a strawberry shake. I have to admit it was disgusting, infact I practically gagged on it towards the end - it was this lumpy powdery warm texture. I added a couple of ice cubes - much better, but it was still a bit thick.

Lunch was the chicken and musroom soup. Folllowing this mornings incident I decided to favourably add more water than suggested and microwave for a few seconds to get it nice and hot. It was ok- I've heard people say how delicious particular sachets are, and I really do think they are ok but to call them delicious is a stretch by any taste buds.

Soup still lumpy though. Mental note to self - buy a hand blender.

Dinner - I had a hot choc, which was actually ok and surprisingly I was looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, I just learnt what VLCD stands for. I dont think I will be sharing this with anyone else - 500cals a day to an outsider would probably be deemed "a supermodel starvation diet".

So we're now at the end of day 1, as I sit here glugging my water (only 3ltrs drunk but plentiful toilet trips), and actually it was pretty easy. Dieting and doing a full time job however might prove to be a bit more tricky, I have this to look forward to on day 3.


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Day 2

Its true, day 2 was much harder than day 1. The hardest part appeared when hubby and I went to see Jools Holland. Everyone was drinking, I was blooming starving, and all I wanted was a couple of crisps or delicate taste of a peanut. Surely one wouldn't do any harm?

Nevertheless I resisted all temptation and recollected my eventuful WI in the morning and a 2lbs loss, already! Its very strange to practically see the weight coming off, infact already writing this blog gives me a renewed motivation to not cheat.

Food wise, it had been quite enjoyable - I started with a really delicious Vanilla shake - I made this following another CDer's idea - 400mls water and 5ice cubes in the smoothy machine, add powder and delicious!

Tomorrow though its back to work, I've resolved to take my £4 tesco value hand blend machine with me to make my lunch - the oriental chilli flavour. But this is where I feel I may struggle to eat anything. Sitting at home and popping to the kitchen seems easy, at work its a whole lot harder..............


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Day 3 and 4

Well 5lbs lost this morning, so thats 5lbs in 3days. I was practically jumping for joy.

Also saw some awful pictures of me taken a few weeks ago - I looked so much fatter than I would like to think I am. Renewed motivation is coming my way.

Both days were both easy and hard. The food is quite easy, but the temptation is all around, and the thought of having just one small bite of something is almost too strong. I am wondering what harm it might do just to have a bite of something but I have resisted so far and will do my best to keep going.

My strategy is basically take one day at a time, my inspiration is fit into my old clothes, and my motivation is its only for 6 weeks (soon 5 weeks!).

Come on girl, its not that hard. Just drink.
Hi willow, lovely to read your diary...
I would never belittle a couple of stone weightloss and would say go for it now! I was looking back at an old weightloss diary where I was 12 stone and desperate to lose weight! Never the less I fell of the wagon and here I am several years later and 4 stone heavier,.... so much time wasted... I wish i'd done it sooner!

As for the shakes the first one I had was warmy and lumpy but I think the tsate buds soon accept anything that is nourishing as I can honestly say the last few shakes I have had have been delicous!!!!
Just had the choc mint .... whizzed up it was lovely and very creamy tasting....
And I always put 400 - 500 mls with all my shakes! I think it gives me nealry an extra litre of fluid a day without trying, and makes the shakes nicer!
You seem nice and motivated, so keep it up... and yes keep drinking! it's gotta be worth it!


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Day 4

Hey Anne thanks for reading/ your posts.

Day 4 is over with and onto day 5. Its nearly been a week now. The problem is that I am not craving food too much, but I am bored. I'd love to chew something, anything. So this weekend I am going to get a couple of the bars, which will also help with the inconvenience of making th soups for lunch at work.

This morning i weighed myself, again, and i've lost 6lbs so far, in 4 days.

The only thing is, I am started to feel "greedy" with the weight loss. I know that next week it will be slower, but I want the weight to drop off just as quickly, or even faster. Silly me, I should just take one day at a time and appreciate that within days I will be back into the 11st marker.

Best thing that happened this morning was a flat stomach. Still fat in many places, but even hubby commented on it (although he did wonder whether perhaps it was the top - I pointed out that a tight top such as this one shows off all bulges not hides them!).

At the mo I am wondering how much weight I would need to lose before people start noticing, 6lbs seems like a lot and I know i'm in ketosis because I did a Ketostik and it was pink (although the second lightest one so I need to drink more water).

Just think I am burning fat now as I speak. How fab!


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I love reading the diaries on Mins, so thanks for starting one:D

I had a small amount of weight to lose too, and felt that people may think, oh what's she got to worry about etc.

But it's how you feel in yourself, that matters, and even if it's only a couple of stone you have to lose, it still takes determination and isn't an easy thing. I wish you all the luck with your weightloss and can't wait to read how your getting on.

6lbs in 4 days is great! Roll on your first weigh in, looks like it'll be a good one:D:D



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Hello Willow

You are doing great. I am thinking about doing a diary also to help with my accountabilty. 6lbs in 4days woohoo that is great. You are doing really well stay strong. anything worth having is worth working for and I know you will look fabulous

Day 6

Girls thanks for all your support.

I weighed myself this morning (so end of day 5) and i've lost half a stone. Now that can't all be water surely. Thing is I slighted cheated last night.............I has the minimalist amount/taste of tikka chicken (the cold ready cooked packet things)-I just needed something to chew for a moment and it was so nice and that was that.

I dont feel guilty because for bloody hells sake, one smallest bit of chicken breast is not going to do any harm and I resent people for saying it would - that I think creates food issues itself. Plus I checked it carb value at the back and it was so small. And all is fine, I haven't tasted and not been able to control myself and I will still stick to the diet 100%.

I have been checking myself out in the mirror today, my stomach is definitely flatter, just waiting for the rest of me. I think my facer looks thiner too. Also as inspiration (and because I LOVE shopping) I bought a skirt which I couldn't quite fit into. Its hanging up, and I am going to fit into it!!!!!!!!! Also I think its a good way of measuring how much I've lost off my waist.

So, on day 6, had a delicious (is this my saying that..) banana milkshake, the mornings are so easy, why cant the evenings be the same?

But already I feel SOOOOOOOOOOO happy, thinner and its not even been that hard, difficult moments yes, but these are small in comparison to all the minutes of easyness. Come on everyone we can do it!!!!!Yay.
Thanks, I feel so happy today - must be the ketosis!

Better not depress myself with the reminder of my lack of water intake this morning.
1st Weigh in

1st weigh in, and I've lost 8lbs. Plus thats only for 6 days (as CD councellor doesn't work on sundays - having started on a sunday). Obviously I knew it would be this anyway, as my everyday weighing ritual. But I am pleased.

Only downside is that yesterday I only lost 1/2 a pound, and I know exactly why -I didn't drink enough water. I went to the cinema and didn't want to be constantly up and down to go to the loo so tried not to drink too much before and during.

Had a right old argument with my cdc about this, she told me it was no excuse, you'd drink if you were at the cinema anyway wouldn't you? So whats the issue?. The point is that I wouldn't drink a ltr before hand! So not at all happy with my cdc, plus it takes me 50mins to get there: think I am going to locate a more local one! I feel annoyed that she completely shouted at me, given I think I had a good reason. I am the loo every half an hour as it is.

Picked up a couple of bars too, much to my cdc's reluctance - another hard discussion. I will only have these if completely in ketosis (and not at all dehydrated).
Hi willow,
Confratulations on a fantadtic weight loss!!!!!

Personally I think you have to go with you own gut (or bladder) I have a weak bladder and several times over the past few weeks have had to ration my water before I go out because I knew I couldn't keep going to the loo...

Yes your CDC has done the plan (hopeflly) and knows what works for her and for others but doesn't know your life.... you have to stick to this diet for some time and have to be able to LIVE.... we make a lot of sacrifices and can't sacrifice everything!!!
I think you did fabulously well just going to the cinema.... as I am scared to go because of my toffee popcorn addiction :)

No one has a right to shout at you, especially when you are paying them for a service! I think we feel quite vulnerable at the moment and you shouldn't be made to feel akward just because you didn't want to pee all through a film!!

My CDC wouldn't give me bars either, but I am managing without at present but next week I might buy one for the weekend..

Keep up the fab work and get a cdc more locally to you... you are in for the lang haul and need to feel comfortable with who you see....

Congrats again!!!!!


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Hi Willow

Well done on your fab start to your weight loss journey

Dont knock the 2 stone you have to loose ~ 2 or 10 stone it actually doesnot matter how much you have to loose ~ at least you are doing something about it before it gets out of hand

Little bit of advise about your CDC ~ dont knock her you will need her advise and skills when the going gets tough, all CDC have your best interest at heart and have seen it all before. My CDC is amazing and is so so so wise (Westhills check out her before and after pics on the inspirational section) Dont cheat and eat even the slightest tiniest bit of food as its a b....er to get back on to SS again (there speak the voice of experience struggling to get back to SS properly !!!!! oh no silly old me!!!!!) I agree with you about the water thing ~ half the time I feel like I am drowning whilst permantely on the loo ~ I seem to always have a full bladder drives me crazy !!!!!

I bet you loose around 4lb next week so nearly half way to your target ~ you go girl and shop till you drop with your lovely flat tummy ~ you deserve it

Luv Luv
I do hope I lose 4lbs over the next 7 days as yesterday I had lost 2lbs taking my total to 10lbs and best news of all, I am into my 11s girls. Thats right, so estatic 11st 13! Another 4lbs and its a stone.

I am wondering how much more I need to lose until I can fit into some of my old clothes. I was a bit under 11st before my wedding, but surely you can put on a bit of weight and still fit into clothes.

Might try bits on when I reach 11.5st.

This weeks going to be an obstacle for me, I have so many work functions on - Tues Dragon Boat racing (with free food and drinks), Thurs work dinner (free food and drinks), friday private screening of harry potter (with free food and drinks again) and Sat is my birthday party which sadly I have already commited to having a couple of drinks. Next question is what to drink. But more importantly how am I going to explain my not eating not drinking thing in every one of these occassions? I am going to have to admit I am on a strict diet - I feel its going to be awkward a bit.


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Oh dear Willow

This week is going to be a toughie

Be prepared thats all I can say ~ drink water and say you are on medication (little white lie never hurt anyone !!!) and cannot drink till you are off the tablets. You know what you can still really have a giggle and a wicked time even without drinking. Aim to drink no alcohol and eat no food and do the very best you can. Try not to cheat as its really hard to get back in the grove

I think you will fit into old clothes when you are around 11 stone 5lb ~ we will see ~ exciting or what !!!!
Oh I hope so shaza.

I am finding it really tough at this very minute. I've been out for the day and all I could see and smell is food. People sitting outside eating delicious smelling fresh food. What would one meal do, as a reward for losing 10lbs? Surely one meal wont do anything bad? arghhhh. And next door are having a bbq, so i've closed all the windows - bloody ridiculous. The weekends are sooo hard. All I want to do is go out and have an enjoyable meal sitting outside.

Time for a shake - or I know a tetra.


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I know what you mean about weekends ~ they are the worst ( apart from bank holiday and they are really horrible !!!)

Don't have one meal please learn from an old fattie LOL. One meal is never ever enough. Stick to SS till you are at goal ~ you are nearly there you know!!!

Since my hols in June for my 50th I have been messing around ~ silly sod. I cannot get back to it properly ~ ok I am still loosing but not what I should be. Its not worth it DONT EAT just keep thinking why you started this crazy journey to slimland in the first place. I wish I had never cheated

Keep it up ~ you are nearly there

ps have a bath, phone a friend, play in the arcade DONT EAT

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