Another embarrassing question!!!


I'm on day 3 of taking the tablets now and I think things are starting to take off!

I have a question now concerning toilet matters....sorry in advance :eek:

I've had no accidents or uncontrollable urges to use the loo, but when I went this morning, after flushing I noticed there was an oily slick remaining on the top of the water. Everything else about my "visit" was as normal. Is this sort of thing common?

I don't think I've eaten a lot of fat at all, but this is what I ate yesterday:

breakfast - bran flakes with s/skimmed milk

lunch (catered at a works event) - Ham (deli style) roast chicken (no skin) and salad. Fresh fruit salad.

dinner - Jerk chicken, cooked in Fry Light with onion, pepper, tomato puree and spices. Brown rice. Mullerlight yoghurt.

I also drank just under 2 litres of water and a couple of cups of coffee.

Does it sound like I am on the right track with my eating? I couldn't really check the fat content of anything but think it was pretty low, I made sure there was no fat or skin on any of my meat.

I was just a bit concerned by the amount of oil in the loo, haven't noticed anything anywhere else :)

K xxx
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Go on smile! =)
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Kirsty your food diary seems fine to me and don't be worried about what you fine in the loo.

Xenical holds 1/3 of fat in your gut stopping the body from absorbing it, but like all waste your body gets rid of it. It's perfectly normal to notice a change in color or oil in the loo. It mean its working and holding the fat and getting rid of it properly.


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yes its common and sometimes you wont see the effects for a day or 2 after, i recently ate something lil naughty, and thought i got away with it, but nope i didnt, just had late side effects so be warned, and be good lol

ur diet seems good:)