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Another Exercise Question

Yesterday, I did alot of exercise (for me!). I think I found it more of a struggle than I used to, and am also feeling a bit rubbish today.

So, I was wondering - would it be really bad to eat a small amount of carbs before exercising? As would you burn then off during the exercise and then go straight back into ketosis? Or does it not work like that.....? If it's totally not allowed, then would anyone recommend any legal foods to eat before exercising to give a bit of energy!

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Am I right in thinking you've just started induction, Emmster?

Not clear from your stats - but if so, I would steer well clear of carbs, you won't burn them off but you will come out of ketosis and defeat the purpose.

You will get a rush of energy soon, just don't push yourself too hard at this stage.


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Hi Susie is right stay away from the bad carbs, it will knock you out of ketosis. If you've just started you probably won't have the energy for much excersise so don't push it go with what your body is telling you. When you get that whoosh of energy you may want to do more. I excersise and never eat before hand, well maybe a few hours earlier, don't want a stitch! But no you will have more energy soon and won't need food to make you feel you can cope with the excersise, just your normal days menu x
Yes, I am still in induction. I prob haven't experienced the energy rush yet because although I've been doing it for a while, last weekend I had a night out and ended up eating chips, ooops.

I might just take the exercising easy for a bit then, thanks for the advice. Not that my exercise is very strenuous, but I guess you have to start slowly. Hopefully it will be less of a struggle soon because I'd really like to get fit and tone up a bit as I lose weight.

Thanks again for your helpful replies!


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Hi yes its true you do have to start somewhere if thats what you want to do. I just walked more at first and when I lost a bit of weight and felt more comfortable to do so I started doing more vigorous excersise (I jog). Doing any more movement than you are used to is a help, little changes add up x

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